Charley says ARTIST! Harel Skaat

Thank God some countries still have the common sense to send their best singers to Eurovision or we would have never had the pleasure of discovering Harel Skaat. Harel will be representing Israel in Oslo with one of these four songs.

We dug around for a bit and discovered some pop gems among his earlier work. Come Today, for example, is one of the most pleasant summer songs we’ve encountered in a long time. It reminds us of a male, sunsoaked version of Charlotte Perrelli’s ‘I Write You A Lovesong‘. Add a video that makes us want to stroll along Israeli streets in the summer sun and what more could one ask for?

More music from Harel Skaat, including a song that was voted the fourth best song of the decade in Israel, after the jump!

Harel rose to fame in 2004 when despite being the top favourite he came second in Kokhav Nolad. This Israeli adaption of the Idol format already brought us previous Eurovision stars Shiri Maimon and Boaz Mauda.

In these last six years Harel has become a superstar in Israel. One of the songs to help accomplish this was Kama Od Efshar. Harel starts off gently singing straight into the camera, until the song breaks out into a pop/rock anthem that manages to incorporate strings and even succeeds to justify guitar solo. The opening notes would have you believe this is just another clone of Rihanna’s ‘Take A Bow‘, but by the end you’ll be rocking and screaming along in your best Hebrew.

Kama Od Efshar

Harel’s signature song however must be the ballad And You. It’s moving story of regret and wondering what became of a lost love that shows off his vocals at their best. In 2009 Harel was voted the second best singer of the past decade in Israel. In the same televised poll ‘And You’ was chosen to be the fourth best song of the last ten years. You can discover the English subtitled video below.


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