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Charley says LIST! Coming Soon

March 13, 2010

Let me introduce you to three albums I bought today and that after some extensive listening and investigating might just pop up again on this blog!

What: Ellektra – More Is More
Includes the single: Do You Really Wanna Be With Me?
In a tweet: Soapstar Superstar finalist releases her debut album after three incredible singles.

What: Ingrid Mank – Ingridients
Includes the single: Song That Makes Me Laugh
In a tweet: Songwriter to the stars steps into the limelight and releases her own debut album.

What: Lynn Verlayne – Drifter
Includes the single: Drifter
In a tweet: Flemish girl moves to New York to become a singer/songwriter and succeeds.

Charley says SONG! The Bad Shepherds – All Around My Hat

March 12, 2010

Adrian Edmondson is best known for bein Vyvyan Basterd in The Young Ones and Eddie Hitler in Bottom, but last night he was on Flemish tv promoting his band The Bad Shepherds. We were shown a clip of their version of ‘All Around My Hat’, a Steeleye Span classic I’ve had a soft spot for ever since someone performed it on Flemish X Factor. While this genre might be a bit out of the ordinary for this blog, the clip was too hilarious not to post. I hope you laugh out loud as hard as I did!

Charley says ARTIST! Harel Skaat

March 7, 2010

Thank God some countries still have the common sense to send their best singers to Eurovision or we would have never had the pleasure of discovering Harel Skaat. Harel will be representing Israel in Oslo with one of these four songs.

We dug around for a bit and discovered some pop gems among his earlier work. Come Today, for example, is one of the most pleasant summer songs we’ve encountered in a long time. It reminds us of a male, sunsoaked version of Charlotte Perrelli’s ‘I Write You A Lovesong‘. Add a video that makes us want to stroll along Israeli streets in the summer sun and what more could one ask for?

More music from Harel Skaat, including a song that was voted the fourth best song of the decade in Israel, after the jump!


Charley says VIDEO! Andes – Vergeef Me

March 5, 2010

In the category highly fanciable lead singers with shiny guitar pop songs we like way better than expected, here are ‘Zo Is Er Maar Één’ finalists Andes with their major label debut ‘Vergeef Me’.

Charley says SONG! Jessy – Missing

March 5, 2010

Looks like someone got their Christmas miracle early this year! Jessy’s brand new Everything But The Girl cover enters the Flemish charts at number 28, making it her biggest hit since 2005’s ‘My Star‘. With ‘Missing’ and a Sash! collaboration in the pipeline, could things finally be looking up again for dance music’s most underrated voice?

Charley says SONG! Charice ft. Iyaz – Pyramid (Dave Audé Remix)

March 4, 2010

Is it bad that every time I hear the Dave Audé remix of Charice’s ‘Pyramid’ I wish it was Tila Tequila?

I don’t know if it is because they look a bit alike or if it is because this club banger would have suited Tila’s slightly squeaky vocals perfectly, but ‘Pyramid’ should have been the hit Tila never had.

Oh Tila, we hardly knew ye.

Charley says VIDEO! José – I Will Follow Him

March 3, 2010

José, of Luv’ fame, singing her 1982 cover of ‘I Will Follow Him’.

Just because.