Charley says VIDEO! Taeyang – Wedding Dress

Taeyang may very well be the hottest male popstar on the planet right now.

I’m not as familiar with the K-Pop scene as I’d like to be, but I know Taeyang is one of the breakout stars of boyband Big Bang, here with girl group 2NE1. As well as being in a massively popular group he has also had some solo success. Songs like ‘Where U At‘ show perfectly what Taeyang is all about. Slick videos, tight choreography, hot beats, a perfect pop voice and, well, a very very hot singer.

Taeyang – Where U At

However, it is mainly his single ‘Wedding Dress’ that has caught my attention. Once again the song is accompanied by a gorgeous video. It tells the story of Taeyang’s love who is about to marry someone else as he desperately pleads for her to not put on that wedding dress as “It’s not me next to you…”

While the song has English words and sentences scattered throughout, effectively singing along isn’t always easy in a language you don’t understand, let alone speak. Well, we’ve found the perfect solution. YouTube singer Jason Chen has recorded his own version of the song, replacing the original lyrics with an English translation. Now until someone locks Taeyang into a studio to make this cover his own, Jason’s version is a perfect alternative for those days when you just feel like singing along into your hairbrush!


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