Charley says VIDEO! Stromae – Alors On Danse

The story of Stromae’s ‘Alors On Danse’ just goes to show what an odd little country Belgium is. The sedated beats of this rapper from Brussels were a massive number one hit in Wallonia, but barely bothered the chart in Flanders upon its initial release. However, the song now seems set to be the summer smash of 2010, getting to number one in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France and already making waves in Greece, The Netherlands and countries all over Europe. And behold, ‘Alors On Danse’ has crept into the Flemish chart at a careful number 35. Expect this to be huge, even if with a slight delay.

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One Response to “Charley says VIDEO! Stromae – Alors On Danse”

  1. JesalTV Says:

    Hey you need to check out this wicked new remix of Alors On Danse by a UK rapper, this song is spreading everywhere!!

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