Charley says ARTIST! Farewell Ann Vervoort…

Former Milk Inc. lead singer Ann Vervoort has passed away at the age of 33.

Milk Inc. had had club hits like ‘La Vache‘, but it wasn’t till Ann joined the band that they made it big. ‘In My Eyes‘ was the song that got them mainstream success. Once the public had a proper taste of Milk Inc. there was no stopping the dance duo. ‘Promise‘, ‘Oceans‘, ‘Losing Love‘… Every single they released became a top 10 or even top 3 smash.

And then there was ‘Walk On Water‘. The song was huge and gave Ann and producer Regi Penxten their first number 1 hit. The rest of Europe followed and alongside ‘In My Eyes‘ it’s also one of the few Belgian songs to reach the UK top 10.

However, despite Milk Inc. being bigger than anyone could have hoped Ann decided to leave the band in 2000. She wanted to get away from the spotlights and moved to Ibiza with her husband, 2 Fabiola producer Pat Krimson. Milk Inc. carried on with Linda Mertens replacing Ann and went on to be even bigger than before, scoring three more number 1 hits and selling out the Antwerp Sports Palace multiple times a year.

When her marriage stranded Ann came back to Belgium but would never return to the music scene. She only made headlines again for not being specially invited to Milk Inc.’s first arena concert. She was only seen on tv again for an awkward appearance on ‘Cityhoppin”, a show where celebrities guide music channel JIM round their hometown. On an episode following Regi they stumbled upon Ann working at a local store.

Drugs are rumoured to be involved in the singer’s death, though an official cause hasn’t been announced yet.

Goodbye Ann…

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