Charley says ARTIST! Farewell Ann Vervoort… (Update)

Well I never…

In the wake of Ann Vervoort’s passing FIRSTmusic has uncovered once and for all that it wasn’t actually Ann singing on those early Milk Inc. records. The actual credit goes to a lady that goes by the stage name Sue Price. Google sources aren’t clear on whether her actual name is Karine or Karen Boelaerts.

Sue Price sang on Milk Inc.’s ‘Apocalypse Cow’ album and its singles, but can also be heard on the first Linda fronted single, ‘Land Of The Living‘. Her voice was blended together with Linda’s, I presume to ease in the new sound of the band.

The whole thing isn’t unusual for the 90’s dance scene, but what surprised me most is that this is the same lady who was the session singer for the first few 2 Fabiola singles! Front lady Zohra would do her own vocals on later releases, but anthems like ‘Lift U Up‘ were finished long before she even joined the band. I can’t believe that all these years I didn’t know or notice that early Milk Inc. and early 2 Fabiola were essentially the same person! Then again, I was only about 10 at the time…

Oh and get this, Sue Price was basically running the entire Flemish dance scene on her own as she was also the voice behind Maurizzio’s ‘New Emotion (Here Comes The Rain Again)‘ and various other projects!

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