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Charley says VIDEO! Taeyang – Wedding Dress

April 12, 2010

Taeyang may very well be the hottest male popstar on the planet right now.

I’m not as familiar with the K-Pop scene as I’d like to be, but I know Taeyang is one of the breakout stars of boyband Big Bang, here with girl group 2NE1. As well as being in a massively popular group he has also had some solo success. Songs like ‘Where U At‘ show perfectly what Taeyang is all about. Slick videos, tight choreography, hot beats, a perfect pop voice and, well, a very very hot singer.

Taeyang – Where U At

However, it is mainly his single ‘Wedding Dress’ that has caught my attention. Once again the song is accompanied by a gorgeous video. It tells the story of Taeyang’s love who is about to marry someone else as he desperately pleads for her to not put on that wedding dress as “It’s not me next to you…”

While the song has English words and sentences scattered throughout, effectively singing along isn’t always easy in a language you don’t understand, let alone speak. Well, we’ve found the perfect solution. YouTube singer Jason Chen has recorded his own version of the song, replacing the original lyrics with an English translation. Now until someone locks Taeyang into a studio to make this cover his own, Jason’s version is a perfect alternative for those days when you just feel like singing along into your hairbrush!


Charley says ARTIST! Melanie Martins

April 8, 2010

Sometimes there’s these popstars you just have to feel bad for. Melanie Martins is one of them. Early 2003 Melanie became the winner of ‘Star Academy: Made In Belgium’, to my knowledge the first and only Walloon talent show of its kind to be made without the aid of a French network.

S’Aimer Plus Que Tout‘, Melanie’s first single, sounds exactly like you’d expect a French talent show winner’s debut to sound. Unfortunately Wallonia was to busy going crazy over French Star Academy winners Jenifer and Nolwenn Leroy to bother supporting their homegrown talent. The song only managed to peak at number 17.

Over a year later Melanie released an overdue sophomore single. ‘Je Pars‘ was a perfectly pleasant pop/rock song, but alas, the ship to fame and fortune had already sailed. It never made it out of the bubbling under chart.

And that was it. That was the end of Melanie Martins’ music career.

Poor Melanie Martins.

Charley says SONG! Véronique De Kock – Bring Back Yesterday

April 5, 2010

Véronique De Kock is often described as Belgium’s most beautiful MILF. She was crowned Miss Belgium in 1995 and has since made a career for herself as a model and tv host.

In 2001 Véronique started a short lived music career, consisting of exactly one single. ‘Bring Back Yesterday‘ didn’t become a smash hit in the charts, but managed to be nominated for a Summer Hit award.

The song isn’t groundbreaking or anything, but it’s a pleasant summery dancepop tune with the right amount of distorted autotune here and there. Sometimes that’s all you need.

Charley says VIDEO! Cinérex – Bring Up The Sun

April 4, 2010

It was only after I’d seen and heard the new video for ‘Bring Up The Sun‘ by Cinérex that I found out this is a Belgian project. Well, kind of. Cinérex has been releasing music for quite some time, but it’s only in recent years that it became Kevin Ross’s one man project. This Canadian drummer turned producer moved to Belgium to fulfill his dream of making music after his girlfriend convinced him there was room there in the music scene for what he wanted to do.

The story of ‘Bring Up The Sun‘ seemed a bit confusing at first, but a little digging around the internet quickly shed some light on it. The song first appeared on the 2009 album ‘Edges‘. It features the stunning vocals of American singer Alissa Kueker, who had previously worked with Cinérex and who sings on 6 of the 10 tracks on ‘Edges’.

The album and singles failed to have an impact on the charts, but that might be about to change in 2010. Mostiko, one of my favourite labels in Belgium, seems to have picked up the song and has released the video for the brand new FTW Mix. This slightly trances up the originally lounge sounding track, hopefully prepping it to be an international smash hit.

The song takes you back to the early 00’s when quality breezy summery trance like this wasn’t as rare as it is today. This is the kind of song that Dannii Minogue would love to get her hands on. In fact, if you squint your eyes at the right moments former ‘Topmodel’-finalist Daisy Olie even slightly resembles our Queen Of Clubs in the simple but beautiful video for ‘Bring Up The Sun‘…