Charley says EUROVISION! Oslo 2010 In A Tweet (3)

Together with two of my favourite Eurovision fanatics I’ll be taking a closer look at this year’s Eurovision hopefuls. Over the next week we’ll be rating every country and we’ll give our own take on it in a tweet, i.e. in 140 characters or less.

Now, let’s meet my co-judges:

MadeInHeaven: A British resident of the Popjustice forum.
Greg Baker: Our impartial American voice of reason.

Today we’ll be taking a closer look at Portugal, FYR of Macedonia, Belarus and Iceland!

Portugal: Filipa Azevedo – Há Dias Assim
MadeInHeaven: A pretty voice and pretty girl on an epic 3-minute journey searching for a tune in a town called Reverb. 4/10
Charley: Poor girl, all she wants is to be a Disney princess, but even the piano player walks off halfway through the song… 5/10
Greg: I lived next to people from Portugal while I was growing up. They were lovely folks. I bet even they would be disappointed by this nonsense. 1/10
Total: 10/30

FYR of Macedonia: Gjoko Taneski – Jas Ja Imam Silata
MadeInHeaven: A sub-rock snoozefest, but approximately 20 times worse than the sub-rock track FYR of Macedonia sent in 2009. Toilet break material. 2/10
Greg: Apparently the title means “I have the strength”? Well I don’t have the strength to keep listening. Oh wait…aaaaaaaaaand there’s rapping. 1/10
Total: 3/30

Belarus: 3+2 – Butterflies
MadeInHeaven: I’m a sucker for anything which sounds like it aspires to be ‘Starmaker‘ by Kids From Fame, but this misses the ‘instant appeal’ factor. 5/10
Charley: This simply isn’t very exciting. It slightly reminds me of Switzerland 2006. 5/10
Greg: “Please enter your password, then press pound.” Oops, I decided to check my voice mail during this snoozefest. 3+2? Nope, your score is 3-2. 1/10
Total: 11/30

Iceland: Hera Björk – Je Ne Sais Quoi
MadeInHeaven: I’m not convinced it’s better than Hera’s ‘Someday‘, but it still shines as a beacon of pop light in a ballad-heavy contest. 9/10
Charley: Hera’s the saviour of proper ESC pop in this semi, but (unpopular opinion alert!) for some reason I just can’t get too excited… 8/10
Greg: NOW WE’RE TALKING! If not for Denmark, I would want this to win. I know people probably see this as “typical Eurovision,” but I don’t care. 9/10
Total: 26/30

Today’s winner: Iceland: Hera Björk – Je Ne Sais Quoi

Check back tomorrow for part 4 of Oslo 2010 In A Tweet!

Previous parts:

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