Charley says VIDEO! Adrienne Frantz – Getaway

Around 2003 I had a brief ‘The Bold & The Beautiful’ phase. It went as quickly as it came, but because of those couple of months I’ll always have a soft spot for Amber, Deacon and Bridget. And obviously Brooke, but that goes without saying.

Today I found myself reading an article about how Adrienne Frantz would be reprising her role of Amber Moore on ‘The Bold & The Beautiful’. Apparently she had left the show in 2005 and joined ‘The Young & The Restless’ a year later.

What surprised me though was that in her year off Adrienne had a brief music career!

The album ‘Anomaly‘ doesn’t impress me much, not helped by the fact that the album cover looks like a goth metal release. However, lead single ‘Getaway‘ is actually a pleasant enough actor-turned-singer pop/rock tune once you get passed the weird first verse where Adrienne’s voice is drowned in backing vocals. Finally, whether you like the song or not, doesn’t she look just amazing in the video?

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