Charley says EUROVISION! Oslo 2010 In A Tweet (7)

Together with two of my favourite Eurovision fanatics I’ll be taking a closer look at this year’s Eurovision hopefuls. Over the next week we’ll be rating every country and we’ll give our own take on it in a tweet, i.e. in 140 characters or less.

Now, let’s meet my co-judges:

MadeInHeaven: A British resident of the Popjustice forum.
Greg Baker: Our impartial American voice of reason.

Today we’ll be taking a closer look at Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Georgia and Turkey.

Bulgaria: Miro – Angel Si Ti
MadeInHeaven: A largely enjoyable slice of Europop, though it does get a little repetitive, and will need a focused rather than overenthused vocal. 6/10
Charley: I was hoping for another ‘Losing Control‘, but I guess this’ll do. 6/10
Greg: I prefer my Eurovision songs uptempo, and this takes FAR too long to get to the good part. And is it just me or is the ending really random? 5/10
Total: 17/30

Cyprus: Jon Lilygreen & The Islanders – Life Looks Better In Spring
MadeInHeaven: You can’t help but root for it to be better, because it’s sincerely performed, but it’s so middle of the road that I struggle to care. 4/10
Charley: Tom Dice thinks this is his biggest rival. I wouldn’t worry, Tom. 4/10
Greg: Honestly, this is the kind of schlock that sometimes makes me wonder if I should take up knitting or some other hobby besides Eurovision. 0/10
Total: 8/10

Croatia: Feminnem – Lako Je Sve
MadeInHeaven: It’s no ‘Call Me‘, but nonetheless a welcome return for Feminnem. Dramatic, a grower, and the hair is perfectly conditioned. 7/10
Charley: Wait, Feminem is back, but there’s no catchy little pop tune? No fifty candles on the fourty cakes? How disappointing. 6/10
Greg: Does this come after Azerbaijan in the running order? In some ways it reminds me of ‘Drip Drop‘, but only not as good. Am I crazy? Probably. 3/10
Total: 16/30

Georgia: Sopho Nizharadze – Shine
MadeInHeaven: She has the look of Tina Arena about her and a great voice, but I find it a total bore. And the weird interpretive dance thing doesn’t help. 4/10
Charley: Let’s hope people get her confused with 2007 Sopho, because, nice as it is, this is just kind of… there. 6/10
Greg: This must be a “her voice sounds great on the record but she is going to scratch it to high heaven on the night” tracks. Not that exciting. 2/10
Total: 12/30

Turkey: manGa – We Could Be The Same
MadeInHeaven: Plods along perfectly well, but you don’t miss it when it ends. That having been said, it irks me less than other recent Turkish entries. 4/10
Charley: Decent enough, but even as Turkish ESC rock goes it’s no Athena, is it? 5/10
Greg: Another standout on first listen, but I can’t really identify why. I do find myself singing along to the chorus with ease, though. 7/10
Total: 16/30

Today’s winner: Bulgaria: Miro – Angel Si Ti

Check back tomorrow for the final part of Oslo 2010 In A Tweet!

Previous parts:

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