Charley says SONG! Nicole & Hugo – Baby Baby

If you have just been watching the second semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest you may have spotted this immortal duo in the red lantern montage.

Nicole & Hugo were originally supposed to represent Belgium back in 1971 with ‘Goeimorgen, Morgen‘. Unfortunately Nicole became ill right before the contest and the couple had to be replaced with Jacques Raymond and Lily Castel.

Determined to get there, they tried again in 1973. ‘Baby Baby‘ was the song that got them to Luxembourg. Despite their flashy outfits and dance moves, which could be described as revolutionary for the Eurovision Song Contests at the time, they failed to get Europe behind them.

Not hindered by their last place, the real life couple became pop icons in Belgium.

Almost 30 years on, Nicole & Hugo are still married, still performing and aren’t thinking of quitting any time soon.

And the purple outfits? They still fit!

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