Charley says VIDEO! Gina – X Man (To The Next Man)

Look what I stumbled upon on YouTube!

In the late 90’s and early 00’s Gina Brondeel was one half of X-Session. Together with Gene Thomas she turned the group into one of the most popular in Belgium.

Before she was with the band, early singles like ‘Bang Bang’ were full on eurodance. When Gina joined and X-Session started getting a bigger profile, their sound evolved into something a little more pop. With their second album the scales even tipped towards bubblegum pop with cartoonish videos full of dressing up and wacky storylines.

In 2003, after X-Session had split up, Gina released her first solo single. ‘X Man (To The Next Man)‘ fitted perfectly in the commercial female R&B sound of the time, but didn’t manage to storm the charts.

Apparently there’s a second single, but I for one have never heard ‘If U Want My Love’. I’m not sure if it ever got beyond promos being sent out, but it definitely didn’t chart.

Gina went on to acting, landing among other things a role on Sara, the Flemish adaptation of Ugly Betty.

These days she’s busy with the X-Session comeback. A brand new single from Gene and Gina is on the way.


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