Charley says ARTIST! Elouise

I’m far from the first person to blog about Elouise, but I have been enjoying ‘The Stardust EP’ way too much these last few weeks to not feature her on Charley says POP!

Elouise is not about beats and bleeps and blips, as lovely as those can be. No, she is a 2010 diva of yester year singing epic songs with that extra bit of grandeur courtesy of Kylie’s musical director Steve Anderson.

What I think I love best about Elouise is that she’s not just singing these songs, it seems like she is these songs. I can imagine her waking up in the morning and slipping into her ball gown straight away, then stopping by the opera for some tea on her way to the Royal Albert Hall.

If Elouise was a Disney character when it comes to glamorousness, and I most certainly mean this as a compliment, she would probably be Georgette from Oliver & Company. This fabulous poodle was voiced by Bette Midler, who gave the movie one of Disney’s greatest underrated songs, ‘Perfect Isn’t Easy‘.

Bette Midler – Perfect Isn’t Easy

But we were talking about Elouise. ‘The Stardust EP’, which is available on MySpace, contains three songs. ‘Another Day’ and ‘Pretender’ bring the grand moments mentioned above. It seems impossible not to do the diva ‘arms open wide in the air’ thing when ‘Pretender’ gets to that epic “Pretend you’re mine” line.

The odd one out on the EP, but perhaps my favourite of them all, is ‘The Fireman Of My Dreams‘. This song sounds like an upbeat ‘Tous Les Garçons Et Les Filles‘ by Françoise Hardy, with the lyrical naughtiness of ‘Santa Baby‘ added on top. Elouise gets away with singing “You’re the fittest man in uniform that I have ever seen […] And when no one’s looking let me slide down your pole…” while staying classy, but cheeky.

Elouise is a delightful anachronism.

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