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Charley says GUEST BLOG! Jess Russo from Daruso

July 30, 2010

Yesterday I told you about ‘Since You Been Gone‘, the great new single from Daruso which is out right now on iTunes.

For today I asked Jess Russo, lead singer of this Jewels & Stone project, to do a guest blog for Charley says POP!

Below, Jess tells you all about five music acts she loves and that inspire her!

1) Etta James/Ella Fitzgerald – 2 incredibly powerful singers with amazing stories to tell – I grew up listening and performing their music and so they have always been an inspiration. Etta’s song ‘At Last’ is one of my all time favourites.
2) Christina Aguilera – because who else can belt out classic songs with so much sass and attitude? Brilliant!
3) Alison Krauss – another artist I grew up listening to. Her ability to write such great songs and deliver them with so much emotion is inspiring. I listen to her album ‘Forget About It’ whenever I really need to chill out before a gig.
4) Newton Faulkner – simply because to date he is still the best musician I have ever seen live. He has such a natural voice and his whole performance seemed effortless – such a nice, down to earth guy too.
5) Paloma Faith – her album is the most played on my iPod at the moment! Such a unique voice with brilliantly written songs to match. The whole album is great but I think ‘Upside Down’ and ‘Stargazer’ are my favourite tracks.
Download ‘Since You Been Gone’: iTunes
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Charley says VIDEO! Daruso – Since You Been Gone

July 29, 2010

You may have heard about this song before, but as it’s out right now I urge you to check it out again and get yourself a copy on iTunes!

“The new Cascada” would be a lazy comparison, but is correct in that Daruso consists of a singer in front of and producers behind the scenes.

The lovely Jess Russo provides the vocals, while Julian Gingell and Barry Stone are on production duties. You may know these two gentlemen as Jewels & Stone, the remix and production duo who brought us remixes of Stephanie McIntosh’s ‘Mistake‘ and ‘Watch This Space‘ from Britannia High.

Since You Been Gone‘ is a proper little dance gem, which I sincerely hope a lot of people will buy. Wouldn’t it be a waste not to get to hear what Daruso still has in store for us?

If you still find yourself in doubt, check out the Twilight Mix and let Jess’s voice do the convincing. Despite the Radio Edit being pretty damn perfect as is, the digital bundle also includes remixes from the likes Buzz Junkies.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for Jess from Daruso’s exclusive guest blog on Charley says POP!

Charley says SONG! Jessica Simpson – You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)

July 29, 2010

The Dead Or Alive sampling ‘You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)‘ by Jessica Simpson.

Just because.

Charley says ALBUM! Andes – Andes

July 28, 2010

I hadn’t really gotten round to doing a proper review of Andes’ debut album yet.

I have to admit that has to do with the fact that the album as a whole hasn’t quite managed to capture me the way ‘Vergeef Me‘ and ‘Een Dag Meer / One More Day‘ have.

Which isn’t to say that the Zo Is Er Maar Één alums’ eponymous album isn’t decent. How could an album containing ‘Vergeef Me‘ not be?

Plus, with Jeroen Swinnen on production duties and the likes of Stefaan Fernande and Nailpin singer Sean D’Hondt collaborating on the songwriting, there were some great musicians helping Andes a hand.

Besides the three singles, ‘Dit Is Anders‘ was independently released before the band signed to Universal, the album tracks just haven’t really clicked yet.

That is, except for one in particular.

Sinds Je Weg Bent‘ should surely be the next single? The hook “Sinds je weg bent, ben je overal” (“Since you’re gone, you’re everywhere”) is simple, but great. When the only comment I can think of is that the line “Woorden schieten soms te kort” (“Words fail me sometimes”) tends to make me want to listen to ‘Hou Me Vast‘ by Volumia, you know you’re onto a winner. ‘Sinds Je Weg Bent‘ is most definitely the one album track I keep going back to.

You can check out an acoustic rendition in the incorrectly titled YouTube video below!

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Charley says ARTIST! Yannick Bovy & The North Side Big Band

July 27, 2010

Remember this fine looking specimen of a man?

Yannick Bovy was the only unknown artist to collaborate on Milk Inc. producer Regi’s ‘Registrated’ album.

Three years later, the ‘Better World Without You‘ singer seems to finally be launching a music career of his own.

An article in today’s paper told how Yannick will be performing at Zilverpop festival with his North Side Big Band.

Unfortunately he seems not to be interested in being the next popstar. Yannick declined offers from several managers till he found one who would support him in his dream of being big in, well, big band.

With the likes of ‘I’ve Got You Under My Skin’ on his playlist, it’s sadly unlikely that we’ll be getting a pumping pop anthem from Yannick anytime soon.

However, when he finds the ‘Everything‘ to his Michael Bublé, you’ll surely see Yannick Bovy again on Charley says POP!

Charley says VIDEO! The Wild Things – Thinking About You

July 23, 2010

The Wild Things may be ridiculously too young, ‘Thinking About You‘ is ridiculously too catchy not to feature.

Aged barely 14, the lead singer’s voice might seem off-putting at first, but once the song gets going it actually becomes part of the charm.

This one is for people nostalgic about Hanson in a Justin Bieber era.

Charley says SONG! Annie – I Don’t Like Your Band

July 22, 2010

Annie’s ‘I Don’t Like Your Band‘ is my theme song of the day.

Just because.

Charley says SONG! Michel Sardou – Les Lacs Du Connemara

July 21, 2010

Every year on the 21st of July 10.000 people gather on the market square in Bruges to celebrate Belgium’s National Day.

The event is called Vlaanderen Zingt (Flanders Sings), because the mass of people gets together for a giant singalong. Little newspapers with the lyrics are handed out, so every song gets screamed along to. Then again, who can’t at least go “la la la” to the likes of ‘Hey Jude’ and ‘Thank You For The Music’?

One of the highlights each year is Michel Sardou’s ‘Les Lacs Du Connemara’. The French song is a standard at Belgian weddings. Everyone gets up (on their feet, their chairs or the tables if need be) and manically waves their napkin over their head to the triumphant chorus of this song.

For Vlaanderen Zingt this means a choir of 1000’s yelling at the top of their voice “Lààààààààààààà-baaaaaaaaaaaaas… au Connemara…” while waving their little newspapers as if their lives depended on it.

It’s incredibly amazing.

Charley says VIDEO! Kyrah – Uh Oh

July 16, 2010

So here’s just a little reminder that Kyrah’s ‘Uh Oh‘ is out on iTunes!

I’m not just saying this because the gorgeous singer did the above guest video blog for Charley says POP! some time ago, but mainly I’m saying this because I can’t wait to hear what she’s still got up her sleeve for us.

So without further ado, check out ‘Uh Oh‘ in various forms below, head over to iTunes and secure our pop future of more Kyrah!

Almighty Mix:
Acoustic Performance:

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Charley says SONG! Dan Balan ft. Eleni Foureira – Chica Bomb

July 14, 2010

Former O-Zone singer Dan Balan has been keeping himself busy since the ‘Dragostea Din Tei‘ band split.

He released an album as Crazy Loop fronted by the eponymous lead single, which was rather ridiculous and a whole lot of amazing at once.

Dan, who keeps getting hotter with every video, is currently promoting his European hit ‘Chica Bomb‘. There’s one country who’s getting some extra attention though…

For the Greek release Dan is joined by Eleni Foureira who does the verses in the local language. I’m not familiar with Eleni, but judging by her MAD Video Music Awards performance she looks like a brilliant popstar. It’s probably just the hair, but she reminds me of DanceX winner and Britannia High star Rana Roy.

I wonder if more artists will follow suit? Maybe Greece will follow France’s tested formula of having international stars feature local singers for a translated verse or two?