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Charley says VIDEO! Hind – Don’t Leave Me Behind

August 29, 2010

You’ve probably read how Ruth Lorenzo is getting her fans to fund her album. It might be a good idea for her to give Dutch singer Hind a call for advice.

In just 11 days Hind managed to collect €40.000 on to put towards her third album.

Hind Laroussi became a household name on the very first Dutch season of Idols. To this day I still dig up the ‘Idols: Greatest Moments’ album every once in a while to listen to her Robbie Williams cover ‘Feel‘.

She went on to release two albums, fronted by hits like ‘Summer All Over Again‘ and ‘Give Me A Sign‘. In 2008 she represented The Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest with ‘Your Heart Belongs To Me‘.

Now, Hind is getting ready for the October release of her third album ‘Crosspop’. Steve Power, who has previously worked with the likes of Robbie and Kylie, took on production duties. If you’re curious about the result, you can already check out song samples here under ‘Geluidsfragmenten’.

Though perhaps the best taster for the album is ‘Don’t Leave Me Behind‘. This lead single represents what I’m expecting from the album, not necessarily songs that go out with a bang, but a musical atmosphere to get soaked in. With its blend of Spanish guitars and a ‘Free Me‘ era Emma Bunton sound, it also gives an idea of what exactly this crosspop might be.

I’m intrigued.

Charley says VIDEO! Tin Tin Out ft. Emma Bunton – What I Am

August 29, 2010

I adore this song and video.

Just because.

Charley says SONG! Eva Pauwels – Do Ya Think I’m Sexy

August 27, 2010

Oh, Eva Pauwels, you never cease to surprise…

A quick recap… Years ago Eva Pauwels was the young girl who married actor and comedian Jacques Vermeire. After their divorce she managed to remain a tabloid favourite.

Some highlights: doing Playboy, becoming a lesbian, shaving her hair off, being on the ‘The Simple Life 2: Road Trip’ inspired reality show ‘Ciao Bella’ (Hello, people in charge of iWatch, I would pay good money to watch that on demand!), getting married to a woman, divorcing said woman, check into a psychiatric clinic, escaping said psychiatric clinic, not being lesbian anymore (or at least being bisexual), getting married to a man…

Now, her latest headline is reminding people that back in 2002 she dated Flemish A-list actor Kevin Janssens. It would appear that at the time they even did some interviews together, but no one remembered because Kevin wasn’t famous yet back then.

Having had a number of high profile acting gigs, coming second in ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and being in the upcoming romantic comedy ‘Zot Van A’ (a remake of the wonderful Dutch movie ‘Alles Is Liefde’), Kevin Janssens is quite the catch to boast about these days.

In honour of Eva bedding one of Flanders’ most wanted men, here’s her first and only single ‘Do Ya Think I’m Sexy‘.

Yes, that fitted in that list there somewhere as well.

Charley says SONG! Brahim – This Is What I Like (Preview)

August 18, 2010


Well this is exciting!

Flemish R&B stud Brahim has uploaded a preview of his next single ‘This Is What I Like‘.

Since his time on Idool 2003 Brahim’s music has transitioned into a more soul sounding kind of R&B, his Eurosong 2008 entry ‘What I Like About You‘ probably being the best known.

Now, despite an upcoming Motown tour with fellow Eurosong 2008 hopeful Sandrine, it seems Brahim is going more pop than ever before.

As far as I can tell from the preview, ‘This Is What I Like‘ can best be compared to ‘U Should Be The One‘ by Belgian X Factor 2008 alums Lester & Abdou, mixed with more dance influenced R&B like Paradiso Girls’ ‘What I Like‘.

I think there’s one man in particular we have to thank for that.

Producer Tony Verdult had previously written Brahim’s single ‘Party With Me‘ and the 2008 album track ‘Take You Home‘.

Since then he seems to have done a bunch of remixes, like Samantha Fox’ recent effort ‘Tomorrow‘ and a couple of AnnaGrace singles. There’s a truckload of this Dutch DJ’s work to check out on his MySpace‘s Beatport player.

Tony also had a hand in Denise’s ‘Straight Up‘. Yes, Denise of Vengaboys fame and yes, a Paula Abdul cover!

However, it’s the tracks he’s released under his own name that give an idea of where his work with Brahim might be heading.

Also, his songs with Dutch singer Gio give me hope that someone will finally be bringing that Fouradi sound over the border to Belgium.

However this may all turn out, with ‘This Is What I Like‘ it seems to be certain that we get at least one damn good track out of this collaboration.

When the full version of the song comes out or when I know more about any other tracks Brahim and Tony may have come up with, I will be sure to let you guys know right here on Charley says POP!

Charley says ALBUM! Vlaanderen Muziekland

August 16, 2010

Today I treated myself to the Vlaanderen Muziekland compilation…

1. Milk Inc. – Chasing The Wind
2. Belle Perez – La Colegiala
3. K3 – Handjes Draaien
4. Christoff – Lekkere Chocolade
5. The Sunsets – Hollandse Hitmedley
6. Dana Winner – De Vlinders Achterna
7. Jo Vally – Kus Me
8. Nelson – She’s Gone
9. Regi & Stan Van Samang – Hang On
10. Sylver – Turn The Tide 2010
11. Lasgo – Tonight
12. Annagrace – Celebration

13. Mega Mindy – Megamobiel
14. Roel Vanderstukken – Neem Ze Mee
15. Yevgueni & Stef Kamil Carlens – We Zijn Hier Nu Toch
16. Andes ft. James Walsh – Één Dag Meer/One More Day
17. Born Crain – Calling All Cars
18. The Ditch – When Blood Runs Cold
19. Paul Michiels (It’s A Gas) – I Am Home
20. Dean – Someday
21. Tom Helsen presents Barbara Dex – I Am
22. Tom Dice – Me And My Guitar
23. The Baseballs – Umbrella (Bonus Track)

Based around the music show of the same name, it is basically the who’s who of the Flemish pop summer 2010.

There’s some Flemish schlager songs at the start of the tracklist which I don’t really feel strongly about, either positive or negative, but other than that this is a top notch compilation that brings together so many great Belgian tracks out there this summer.

About half of these songs have been featured on Charley says POP! earlier, so rest assured that this has my seal of approval!

If you’re thinking of making yourself a playlist, but find 23 tracks a little overwhelming, then you’re in luck. I’ve put the songs in bold that have that little bit of extra Charley says POP! credit!

(Which isn’t to say that I don’t approve of the other tracks, but there’s no point in putting them all in bold, is there?)

Vlaanderen Muziekland airs every friday on Flemish channel één.

Catch up on all performances so far by clicking here!

Charley says VIDEO! Sita & Dean – Wouldn’t Change A Thing

August 14, 2010

Sita: Won herself a place in K-Otic on Dutch talent show Starmaker back in 2001, had some great solo stuff and is now mainly a tv host.

Dean: Won Idool 2007 in Belgium, released two albums, the most recent of which had some surprisingly amazing tracks on there, hosts My Camp Rock with Sita on Disney Channel.

Wouldn’t Change A Thing: A Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas duet from the upcoming movie Camp Rock 2.

The result: Pretty damn amazing.

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Charley says VIDEO! Youth Olympic Games 2010 – Everyone

August 11, 2010

So apparently there’s such a thing as the Youth Olympic Games and like any self-respecting sports event, you’re going to need a theme song.

Host country Singapore got five singers from five continents together on ‘Everyone‘.

The song itself isn’t anything groundbreaking, but is pleasant enough. Its real merit however is featuring Charley says POP! favourites Jody Williams and Jessica Mauboy on the same track, while introducing us to Tabitha Nauser.

If neither of those names ring a bell, below is, from left to right, a short guide to the five popstars featured on ‘Everyone‘!

Name: Jody Williams
Continent: Africa
YouTube: Kiss Of Life
Who: The youngest South African Idol winner ever. With ‘Just Gonna Be Me’ she released one of the best talent show debut albums ever. Be sure to also check out her pop stomper ‘Wind It‘.

Name: Steve Appleton
Continent: Europe
YouTube: City Won’t Sleep (Moto Blanco Radio Edit)
Who: Cute California surfer looking British singer whose guitar pop sounds perfectly pleasant with a Moto Blanco remix on top of it.

Name: Tabitha Nauser
Continent: Asia
YouTube: Halo (Live)
Who: Singapore Idol 2009 alum who seems like she’s on her way to be proper popstar.

Who: Sean Kingston
Continent: America
YouTube: Fire Burning
Who: Often annoying, very occasionally amazing singer from Jamaica.

Name: Jessica Mauboy
Continent: Oceania
YouTube: Burn
Who: Former Australian Idol contestant and Young Divas singer who had a truckload of brilliant hits from her ‘Been Waiting’ album.

Charley says VIDEO! Skiddalz – OMG

August 6, 2010

So remember how two posts back I mentioned the Jersey Shore soundtrack having gotten way better this season?

Still very much the case.

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Charley says VIDEO! Jasper Erkens – Waiting Like A Dog

August 3, 2010

2009 hit ‘Waiting Like A Dog‘ by Jasper Erkens, our local one man Jonas Brothers who is the first Flemish artist to get into the Brit School For Performing Arts.

Just because.

Charley says SONG! Velvet Code – Say You Love Me (Mark Saunders Remix)

August 2, 2010

Is it me or is the soundtrack of this season’s Jersey Shore already better than last time round?

Between the excellent album, the Jersey-fied Enrique Iglesias video, The Situation’s debut single and the first episode which included the gem below, I’m rather excited to hear what else they have in store for the next couple of months.

Though let’s be honest, we’re all just killing time till Snooki unleashes a song of her own.

Get to it, girl!