Charley says LIST! My Secondhand Singles Spree

To celebrate a successful year at uni, I treated myself to a full-on visit to the secondhand record store in Ghent which I have stupidly ignored for the past four years. 

Today for my first proper visit I took my time to check out the entire store. With result, as I came home with a pile of rare singles for a ridiculously bargainous price!

Come and take a look! 

Zohra – Serious
One of former 2Fabiola singer Zohra’s solo efforts, which were sadly never collected on an album. 

Zohra – Surrounded By A Dream 
ZohraLook Up
Nunca ft. Pat KrimsonHouse Of Doom
Nunca ft. Pat Krimson
ZipporaWhat About U

La Luna – Kisses Of Fire
Another Belgian dance singer from the late 90’s / early 00’s who despite being rather amazing never got round to releasing an album. Sofie Lambaerts, as La Luna is known off stage, later competed for the crown of Miss Belgian Beauty in 2005.

La LunaKisses Of Fire
La LunaTake Me 
La LunaVenus 
S-plendid – Harem Of Love
Girlz?! ft. Duchi Davoy – This Is My Life
D-Zire – Dippy-Do

Steffen – Gonna Lose You
Debut single by Stef Caers from ten years ago. Back then he was called Steffen, today he’s working on an album as Gustaph to follow up the Sam Sparro-ish ‘Try Something New‘.

SteffenGonna Lose You 
Linda, Roos & JessicaAdemnood 
Britney, P!nk & BeyoncéWe Will Rock You 
The Tamperer ft. MayaHammer To The Heart 
DJ Peter Project2 New York 
EstherWanna Be A Star 

Esther – Wanna Be A Star
Belgian Stars In Their Eyes 1998 winner (as Janet Jackson with ‘Together Again’) and Idool 2007 runner-up Esther Sels’ debut single, released in 1999 and co-written by Lasgo producer Peter Luts.

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