Charley says COVER! Hooverphonic / Ellektra – Identical Twin

Hooverphonic managed to do the unthinkable. They found a worthy replacement for Geike Arnaert!

New singer Noémie Wolfs immediately made an impact as the superb new single ‘The Night Before‘ shot into the top 3 in no time.

An album with the same name was released today and I’m sure it’s set to top the charts.

Now what surprised me when checking out the album samples on 7Digital, is that one of the tracks is a cover!

Yes, they previously released their own take on classics like ‘This Strange Effect‘, but this new track was only just released earlier this year! By Soapstar Superstar alum Eline De Munck no less!

Hooverphonic – Identical Twin

Identical Twin‘ was first released last February on ‘More Is More‘, the debut album of Eline’s musical alter ego Ellektra. An album that spawned the best first three singles run of any Belgian pop artist this year, if I might add.

But why would Hooverphonic cover an Ellektra album track? The answer’s in the writing credits. Hooverphonic mastermind Alex Callier penned the song himself! With the help of none other than Cathy Dennis!

Now that we have that cleared up, the question remains… Which of these twin songs do you like best?

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6 Responses to “Charley says COVER! Hooverphonic / Ellektra – Identical Twin”

  1. Petra Vaes Says:

    Ellektra is better, nicer harmonies and I love the bariton guitar!

  2. Guus Says:

    What do you think, Charly?

  3. Charley Says:

    I think the main thing is that each version fits its singer really well! By the way, if Dance Dance is any indication the second Ellektra album campaign is going to be even better than the first! Can’t wait to hear what more productions you’ve got in store for us, Guus!

  4. Guus Says:


  5. kimberley Says:


  6. desiree Says:

    ellektra, het is een tipisch ellektra nummer maar Hooverphonic zingt het ook goed maar het blijft een ellektra nummer :p x

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