Charley says SONG! Peter Luts ft. Lynn Larouge – Hands Up

When I talked to Lasgo producer Peter Luts last year he was keen on doing more solo stuff and getting his own name out there. With the success of ‘The Rain‘ and ‘Can’t Fight This Feeling‘ he has been doing just that. The former was a proper top 10 hit and the video for the latter was popping up on music channels every five minutes.

Hands Up‘ is now set to follow suit.

The name Lynn Larouge might not ring a bell for most of you, but Peter enlisted the help of an old friend for this track. You may remember her as Lien Vervoort, the former Can You Duet and Let’s Go Lasgo contestant who provided vocals on Peter’s ‘The Rain‘!

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One Response to “Charley says SONG! Peter Luts ft. Lynn Larouge – Hands Up”

  1. Gordon Says:

    I absolutely love The Rain and never would have heard it had it not been on the radio in Germany/Netherlands/Belgium where I was on holiday last year – I remember saving texts with the song’s lyrics so I could look it up on the net when I got back. This is good but the hook isn’t as memorable.

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