Charley says LIST! My MySpace Songs

Remember when MySpace was relevant? I randomly stumbled upon a list I’d made at the end of 2007 collecting all the songs I’d put up on my page in the previous couple of months. It feels like such a long time ago that I don’t even remember if that had a particular name or anything? Default song? Profile song? Anyhow, here’s the list.

I’ve left the comments that I wrote alongside the songs back in 2007, so some of them are outdated and/or super-cringey. Some I just deleted for everybody’s sake. In the words of my own 2007 self: “have a look, download some, see if you share my taste”!

58. Maria Mena ~ Belly Up
One of my favourite singers of all time is back with the first track of her new album ‘Cause And Effect’.

57. Tommy Holmes ~ If You Came Back
As heard on Dawson’s Creek

56. Red Blooded Women ~ Colour Me Dirty
Now this is how you do electro pop! I hope they become MASSIVE!

55. 30 Seconds To Mars ~ A Beautiful Lie
Jared Leto has a band. It is very good.

54. Jordin Sparks featuring Chris Brown ~ No Air
The ‘tell me how I’m supposed to breathe with no air’ part is amazingly addictive. Jordin Sparks is an American Idol winner and her ‘This Is My Now’ is quite beautiful as well.

53. Gabriella Cilmi ~ Sweet About Me
Xenomania’s very own Amy Winehouse.

52. Wideboys feat. Shaznay Lewis ~ Daddy O
Oooo-eerrr, electro with a killer vocal by Shaznay of All Saints.

51. Quietdrive ~ Time After Time
Emo-ish rock cover of Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Time After Time’.

50. Taio Cruz ~ Come On Girl

49. KT Tunstall ~ Saving My Face
Well, you know the woman. Brilliance.

48. Dirty Vegas ~ Days Go By (Acoustic Version)
Originally a techno-ish classic, this version is stripped down to the core. Be sure to check out the brilliant video for the original.

47. Aly & AJ ~ Greatest Time Of Year
I was feeling festive and this one is a great pop/rock track for the holidays.

46. Holly Brook ~ What I Wouldn’t Give
She was the female vocal on Fort Minor’s ‘Where’d You Go’ and sings this beautiful sad piano ballad. As heard on The Hills.

45. Carrie Underwood ~ Ever Ever After
This is one to scream along to in the car… It’s the theme song for the ‘Enchanted’ movie and is sung by one of the most successful American Idol winners ever.

44. FC Kahuna ~ Hayling
‘Nip/Tuck’ is great for your knowledge of brilliant lounge-ish songs.

43. Katie Melua ~ If You Were A Sailboat
“You took a chance on loving me I took a chance on loving you”

42. Kylie Minogue ~ 2 Hearts
She has returned!

41. Elisa ~ Stay
I had already put up the ‘So You Think You Can Dance’-performance of her song ‘Dancing’ and this song of the Italian singer is equally good, though in a different way.

40. Riot In Belgium ~ La Musique
Dirrrty electro house dancefloor filler

39. Dave Spoon feat. Lisa Maffia ~ Bad Girl At Night
Another killer party tune! Sounds a bit like ‘Perfect (Exceeder)’ by Mason.

38. Sugababes ~ About You Now
These girls can do no wrong!!!

37. Ivri Lider ~ Jesse
Lounge-ish and sad song by Israeli superstar Ivri Lider.

36. Natalie Imbruglia ~ Glorious

35. Ida Corr ~ Let Me Think About It (Fedde Le Grand Radio Mix)

34. David Guetta ft. Chris Willis ~ Love Is Gone
“What are we supposed to do after all that we’ve been through? Now that the love is gone…”

33. Aqualung ~ Pressure Suit
I have no idea how you would describe this genre, but it’s very very sad nonetheless. Even if it features the line “I’ll be your respirator I’ll be your pressure suit”

32. Scott Simons ~ Umbrella
Because everyone is kind of sick of the original by now, here’s a lounge-ish remake.

31. Garbage ~ Tell Me Where It Hurts
“To hell with everybody else All I care about is you”

30. Kleerup feat. Robyn ~ With Every Heartbeat
Maybe the most intense dance-ish song you’ll hear this year. I love the lyrics.

29. Lisa Loeb ~ Stay (I Missed You)

28. Dragonette ~ Take It Like A Man
An excellent early-summer-song

27. The Avalanches ~ Since I Left You
Be sure to check out the music video!

26. Fool’s Garden ~ Lemon Tree
One of the first songs I remember hearing. Still a classic.

25. Jamie T ~ Sheila

24. Siobhan Donaghy ~ So You Say
I love this girl, her music is simply astonishing

23. Keren Ann ~ Lay Your Head Down
I just recently discovered this French singer. She makes these really intimate songs… Be sure to also check out ‘Not Going Anywhere’.

22. Alphabeat ~ 10.000 Nights Of Thunder
Well this is cheerful, isn’t it?

21. Rufus Wainwright ~ Going To A Town

20. Sunblock feat. Sandy ~ Baby Baby
This is how summer feels.

19. Feist ~ My Moon My Man
She’s right in between jazz and country, even though that sounds rather impossible. Be sure to also check out ‘1 2 3 4’ and ‘Mushaboom’ as well as the videos to these songs.

18. Mindy Smith ~ One Moment More
Something to cry over… She also did a brilliant cover version of ‘Jolene’.

17. Mark Ronson ~ Stop Me
Album out on the 16th of April, check out his versions of ‘Toxic’, ‘Oh My God (feat. Lily Allen)’ and ‘God Put A Smile Upon Your Face’.

16. Natasha Bedingfield ~ I Wanna Have Your Babies
First single of the sophomore album ‘N.B.’

15. Eagle Eye Cherry ~ Save Tonight
“Save tonight, tomorrow I’ll be gone…”

14. Jenny Owen Youngs ~ Fuck Was I
“Maybe I’m the lucky one who doesn’t get burnt… What fuck was I thinking?”

13. STEFY ~ Chelsea
This is what 2007 is about

12. Emilie Simon ~ Desert
France’s leading lady of triphop. ‘Desert’ is the first single of her debut album. She’s released another album ‘Vegetal’, the soundtrack to ‘La Marche De L’Empereur’ and a live album.

11. Mika ~ Billy Brown

10. Milow ~ You Don’t Know (Acoustic Version)

9. Carla Bruni ~ Those Dancing Days Are Gone
First single of the hit second album of the model turned chanteuse.

8. Margaret Berger ~ Will You Remember Me Tomorrow
Electropop form Norway’s Idol runner-up.

7. Uffie – Pop The Glock

6. Cansei De Ser Sexy ~ Let’s Make Love And Listen To Death From Above
Electrofunk… The band’s name is Portuguese for ‘Tired Of Being Sexy’. I love the lyrics to this song.

5. Lene Marlin ~ Never To Know
One of the most brilliant Norwegian singer-songwriters, I love her.

4. Clea ~ We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off
80’s cover by reality tv rejects Clea (of ‘Popstars The Rivals’)

3. Sinéad Quinn ~ What You Need Is (Acoustic Version)
Acoustic version of a song which features the sentence ‘I can’t give you what you want But I’ll give you what you need’.

2. Mason vs. Princess Superstar ~ Perfect (Exceeder)
Awesome mash-up of club anthem ‘Exceeder’ and the brilliant Princess Superstar’s ‘Perfect’.

1. Alex Parks ~ Maybe That’s What It Takes

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