Charley says VIDEO! Fatty K – Sophisticated

This post takes us back to early 2009 when the Justin Timberlake influenced tune below was released.

When this artist was still a kid named Ken Flamant he wanted to become a drummer, but for lack of a drum he started making up the sounds himself. Fastforward to years later when he would be known as Ken Beatbox, Belgian beatbox champion.

Having made a name for himself on national tv as beatboxer, the next step was to become a recording artist. Now under the name Fatty K he released his debut single “Lonely“. The track got to number 31 and the charts and came with a video that starred “Spring” actress and “Vlaanderen Vakantieland” host Tatyana Beloy.

For his second (and as of yet final) release “Sophisticated” Fatty K scaled back the beatboxing, put himself in a nice suit and brought us this smooth Serge Ramaekers production. Despite a Senol Korkmaz video and, well, the track being quite good indeed, “Sophisticated” only spent one week in the charts at number 49. Shame.

“Sophisticated” by Fatty K is available on Spotify.


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