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Charley says WHY SO QUIET?

March 2, 2013

Sony Music


So what happened here? Well, as mentioned below I am now officially working at Sony Music Belgium!

I would LOVE to get back to blogging, but unfortunately spending about 4 hours a day commuting leaves little time for that at the moment. However, if you still want to follow my pop ramblings you can still do so over on Twitter @charleysayspop!

Also, I’m now rambling about pop professionally over at the Sony Music Belgium social media accounts. Make sure to follow us over at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the likes! As part of the digital team I’m making sure there’s plenty of pop on there!

Finally, if you want you can follow some of Sony Music’s Spotify playlists! I’m personally curating some of ’em, so subscribe if you want me to weekly keep you up to date with the latest teen pop (Joepie Pop Hits), R&B (RNB Party)…

Thank you for reading Charley says POP! and hopefully till soon, one way or another!