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Charley says COVER ART! Pearl Fiction ft. Kitty Jutbring – The Ruby Fever

June 1, 2010

Ok, so the above isn’t technically cover art, but it’s a pretty damn amazing promo picture, isn’t it?

Pearl Fiction is the new project from the musical mind behind Zeigeist, the Swedish band whose ‘Tar Heart‘ you may remember as being incorrectly tagged ‘F As In Knife’ by The Knife. You can hear and buy Pearl Fiction’s first single ‘The Ruby Fever’ featuring Kitty Jutberg on their official website.

Charley says COVER ART! Monrose – Like A Lady

May 11, 2010

This doesn’t require a lot of words. It’s the cover art for German über girl group Monrose’s new single ‘Like A Lady‘. It’s amazing.

After a couple of listens, so is the song itself, by the way.

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