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Charley says GUEST BLOG! Jess Russo from Daruso

July 30, 2010

Yesterday I told you about ‘Since You Been Gone‘, the great new single from Daruso which is out right now on iTunes.

For today I asked Jess Russo, lead singer of this Jewels & Stone project, to do a guest blog for Charley says POP!

Below, Jess tells you all about five music acts she loves and that inspire her!

1) Etta James/Ella Fitzgerald – 2 incredibly powerful singers with amazing stories to tell – I grew up listening and performing their music and so they have always been an inspiration. Etta’s song ‘At Last’ is one of my all time favourites.
2) Christina Aguilera – because who else can belt out classic songs with so much sass and attitude? Brilliant!
3) Alison Krauss – another artist I grew up listening to. Her ability to write such great songs and deliver them with so much emotion is inspiring. I listen to her album ‘Forget About It’ whenever I really need to chill out before a gig.
4) Newton Faulkner – simply because to date he is still the best musician I have ever seen live. He has such a natural voice and his whole performance seemed effortless – such a nice, down to earth guy too.
5) Paloma Faith – her album is the most played on my iPod at the moment! Such a unique voice with brilliantly written songs to match. The whole album is great but I think ‘Upside Down’ and ‘Stargazer’ are my favourite tracks.
Download ‘Since You Been Gone’: iTunes
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Charley says INTERVIEW! Susanna Kay (Part 2)

June 28, 2010


“People think what I’m doing is a little strange”

Yesterday I posted the first part of my talk with Susanna Kay, the new popstar whose ‘Off The Hook‘ is one of the best pop tunes to come out of The Netherlands this year.

Today we bring you a download for Dutch pop lovers and part two of the Susanna Kay interview where we talked about fashion, what’s next musically and Susanna’s academical research on pop!

Check out the download and part two of the interview, after the jump!

Dutch: Ook voor de originele Nederlandstalige versie van deel twee van het interview en de download kan je doorklikken!


Charley says INTERVIEW! Susanna Kay

June 27, 2010

“P!nk and Katy Perry aren’t rock singers either”

Earlier this week I introduced you to Susanna Kay, my favourite new Dutch popstar.

Her debut single ‘Off The Hook‘ is brilliant pop smoothly produced by DEEKAY, with a great looking video to go with it.

I had a talk with the lovely Susanna where we discussed music, dancing, pop and how P!nk and Katy Perry aren’t rock singers.

Check out the interview, after the jump!

Dutch: Ook voor de originele Nederlandstalige versie van het interview kan je doorklikken!


Charley says GUEST VIDEO BLOG! Kyrah says POP!

June 15, 2010

The gorgeous Kyrah is getting ready to release her debut single ‘Uh Oh‘ on July 11th.

Here’s what I had to say about the song earlier on Charley says POP!

“This pop sensation was discovered by our blog friends at Pop Trash Addicts. What I love about this whole thing, aside from the song being insanely catchy, is that Kyrah looks like a nice girl who could scrub up well enough to take home to your mother for a sunday brunch, yet her homage to Madonna’s ‘Justify My Love‘ video has her fooling around with some sleezy guy while her digitally enhanced vocals moan “Dance, sex, bed, floor…” Amazing”

I’m excited to tell you that Kyrah has done a guest video blog for Charley says POP!

Check out what the lovely singer has to say about pop, after the jump!