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Charley says WHY SO QUIET?

March 2, 2013

Sony Music


So what happened here? Well, as mentioned below I am now officially working at Sony Music Belgium!

I would LOVE to get back to blogging, but unfortunately spending about 4 hours a day commuting leaves little time for that at the moment. However, if you still want to follow my pop ramblings you can still do so over on Twitter @charleysayspop!

Also, I’m now rambling about pop professionally over at the Sony Music Belgium social media accounts. Make sure to follow us over at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the likes! As part of the digital team I’m making sure there’s plenty of pop on there!

Finally, if you want you can follow some of Sony Music’s Spotify playlists! I’m personally curating some of ’em, so subscribe if you want me to weekly keep you up to date with the latest teen pop (Joepie Pop Hits), R&B (RNB Party)…

Thank you for reading Charley says POP! and hopefully till soon, one way or another!

Charley says POP UP BLOG!

February 8, 2012

Few things are more annoying than blogs that are left to just fizzle out. And yet even though I know that in a couple of months my life will be jampacked again, I still want to get back to posting about the best pop Belgium, Europe and the world have to offer…

The solution? A pop up blog!

Just as pop up stores come and go, Charley says POP! will be around for the next two to three months. And after that, who knows? But one thing’s for sure, until then is the place to be to discover pop for an international audience, from a Belgian point of view!

Now before the first posts go up, feel free to take a look at what I’ve been writing about in the past and to speak your mind in the comments!

Anything you feel Charley says POP! cannot miss out on? Don’t hesitate to contact me at charleysayspop[a] or to tweet and follow me at @charleysayspop!

Welcome back!

Charley says POP! is coming back!

March 15, 2011

It’s been way too long, so after a long hibernation due to circumstances Charley says POP! is coming back!

The goal remains the same. It’s not about being the fastest or the most updated, it’s a platform for me to point you towards the world’s finest pop in all its forms. A place where you can come take a look every once in a while to catch up on new releases, old favourites and hidden gems.

And as before, there’s just that little bit of extra attention for the Belgian and Dutch music scene. There’s just too much amazing Benelux pop that would otherwise stay under the radar in the English language blogosphere.

If you’re just joining us, feel free to take a look around in this blog’s history. There’s been posts on pop in the broadest sense of the word, there’s been guest blogs from the likes of The Pipettes and there’s also been interviews with artists ranging from upcoming talent like Susanna Kay and Axeela to international superstars like Lasgo producer Peter Luts and the ever amazing Kat DeLuna.

I am now going to leave you with the above music video of ‘Be With You’ by Tara Lowé, which has no relevance to this post other than that it is a brilliant club track and that I simply like it very very much.

Hope to see you around!


PS: It has come to my attention that there’s been some major issues with the Charley says POP! e-mail address. It seems that not only in the last couple of weeks, but also in the months that we were still up a lot of things have gone wrong with sending and receiving e-mails.

My sincere apologies if you have been trying to contact me, or if I have contacted you only for the message to ultimately not arrive. I’m trying to get this sorted as soon as possible.

Charley says POP!

June 2, 2010

You should now be able to reach this site through!

Charley says POP! My First Press Releases

May 31, 2010

A little over a month ago I received my very first press release.

While Charley says POP! specialises in Belgian pop, I love finding out about artists from all over the world. Especially if they’re as nice as gorgeous new popstar Marla, but I’ll get back to that later on.

The person sending me this press release was super friendly and what I loved most about it all was the personal approach. The e-mail she sent me wasn’t just a copy/paste job, she started it by telling:

“First of all, I had forgotten all about Milky’s ‘Just the Way You Are’ but I just listened to it and it has transported me right back to the summer when I was 19.  Happy times!  It was a complete blast from the past and very glad to have heard it on your blog!”

So not only did she bother checking out what my blog is about, she browsed further than simply what was the latest post at the time!

In any case, the music would have done the talking regardless. You may remember Marla from the Hollyoaks Music Show. Her debut single ‘Lipstick For The Vampires‘ is out now and while comparisons to a slightly darker Lily Allen would be lazy, it gives you an idea of what Marla is about. Her music is undeniably British, but has that certain groove that would have it being played on an episode of ‘The Hills’. In fact, songs like ’40 Winks’ and ‘Home’, have been featured in the likes of ‘Labor Pains’ and ‘Off The Hook’. Another track to listen out for is ‘One’, which was recently added to Marla’s MySpace profile.

‘Lipstick For The Vampires’ comes with a Ladybugz remix, which I was curious to hear. When there was some sort of delay when it came to that I got to hear the brilliant Prince Vince remix instead. Fresh from remixing Sia’s ‘Clap Your Hands‘, Prince Vince took all the best bits from the song and turned Marla from a sultry Lily Allen into a female Frankmusik. I’ve basically had it on repeat for ages. Brilliant.

Another thing I love about the press releases I’ve been getting over the last few weeks is that it gets me listening to music that I otherwise may not have checked out.

For example, I got sent a copy of ‘We Are…‘ by Cha-Cha. I have to admit it, at first sight I didn’t think I’d enjoy it very much. However, when I gave it a spin I turned out to really like lead single ‘Phonographic Love‘. Which, by the way, has a really cool looking video. Another favourite of the album is ‘Second Chances’. It has lead singer Blain McGuigan singing a song that reminds me of the verses of Taylor Swift’s ‘You Belong With Me‘, ending with a guitar bit reminiscent of Luv’s ‘Trojan Horse‘. Which is always a good thing as far as I’m concerned.

So if you’re a popstar, signed or unsigned, if you’re a manager, if you’re a PR company… Whoever you may be, if you’ve got pop you think I’d like, send me an e-mail at charleysayspop[a]!

However, I don’t want to turn this blog into a copy/paste press release kind of affair, so while I can’t promise that I will definitely feature everything I get sent, I can promise that I’ll listen to it all!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Charley says POP!

February 22, 2010

The facts: Belgian, student, writer for and lover of pop in general.

The goal: It’s not about being the fastest, the most complete or even the biggest. It’s about having a platform to share my thoughts on pop that otherwise might go unnoticed. It’s about remembering stuff I loved in the past and discovering stuff I’ll love in the future. It’s just a thought.