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Charley says ARTIST! Nathalie Gabay

October 24, 2010

Let me introduce you to Nathalie Gabay, a Belgian singer who had a run of singles in the 80’s. She simply went by the name of Nathalie, because who knew your stage name would be super Google-unfriendly almost 30 years later?

A couple of weeks before writing this post I was flicking through tv channels and stumbled upon the cheesiest duet you can imagine. I didn’t catch who it was by and had forgotten most of the lyrics by the time I got to a computer.

Then today I found myself browsing through Belgian 90′s singles online. One of those was by a young singer going by the name of Cath. This was Kathleen Aerts’s moniker under which she released a solo single before making it big with her group K3 and their iconic hit ‘Heyah Mama‘.

Now this is where Nathalie comes in. Kathleen’s 1998 release was a cover of ‘My Love Won’t Let You Down‘, which was a hit for Nathalie Gabay in 1983!

It got Nathalie into the Flemish top 10, the Dutch top 20 and from the introduction to this tv performance I would assume that internationally it was a hit in at least Italy as well. A French version, ‘Mon Cœur Qui Craque‘, did the job for the French and Walloon markets.

Plastic Bertrand & Nathalie – L’Amour OK

Now how did it all start for Nathalie? Well, with our aforementioned mystery duet, which I’ve now learned is called ‘L’Amour OK’!

Nathalie was joined on this 1982 hit by Plastic Bertrand, best known for his wildly successful ‘Ça Plane Pour Moi‘.

The amazingly inane lyircs of ‘L’Amour OK‘ include gems as:

Plastic Bertrand: Tu te sens comment? (How do you feel?)
Nathalie: OK.


Plastic Bertrand & Nathalie: L’amour c’est super quand on se dit “Je t’aime” (Love is super when you say “I love you”)

Besides these two pop nuggets Nathalie also released ‘Heaven On Earth‘ (1984), ‘Don’t Look’ (1985), ‘Femme Fatale’ (1989) and ‘The Beat Goes On’, a 1983 Sonny & Cher cover.

As far as I can tell an album sadly never materialised and finding one of her songs on CD seems to be next to impossible. Shame.