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Charley says LIST! If You’re Only Just Joining Us

May 26, 2010

I am very excited to have gotten a mention on Don’t Stop The Pop‘s ‘Blog Love‘!

I’ve been reading DSTP for a while now. It’s the blog that introduced me to Agnes, Elouise and Pauline, to name just a few acts. It’s also the blog that I hope I can achieve the same level of ongoing quality as.

For those of you who’ve now come here for the first time, be it thanks to DSTP or for any other reason, I wanted to fill you in on what I’ve been doing these last few months.

Over the last few days I’ve been posting the eight parts of Oslo 2010 In A Tweet, a Eurovision review which I’ve absolutely loved doing with my equally as ESC obsessed friends MadeInHeaven and Greg Baker.

However, these posts have left this page a bit clogged up. So without further ado, here’s a sample of what you’ll find beyond the first page of Charley says POP!

Charley says ARTIST! Axeela
Why: I think Axeela might just be the next big popstar from Belgium.

Charley says LIST! Ke$ha: The Clone Wars
Why: This post got picked up by StumbleUpon, it’s an introduction to some great lesser known pop acts who may have been a little influenced by the current Ke$ha craze.

Charley says SONG! Glamm – Overheated
Why: I love talent show acts and former popstars who decide to give it another go. Especially if the result is as good as this ‘Evacuate The Dancefloor’ sounding pop tune.

Charley says VIDEO! Cinérex – Bring Up The Sun
Why: It’s fun to piece together information about a brilliant act that seemed to have gone unnoticed by the internet. It took me some time to collect all the facts, but this is one of my favourite posts.

Charley says ARTIST! Harel Skaat
Why: You may have noticed that this blog has extra attention for, as DSTP put it, Benelux Pop. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t like to discover artists from all over the globe. A perfect example is this post I wrote on this year’s Israeli Eurovision contestant Harel Skaat.

Charley says WEEK!
Why: Since a couple of weeks I do a roundup on Sunday of all the posts I put up in the last seven days. Accompanied by a video that hasn’t yet made it on the blog, it’s a nice way to catch up with the pop you may have missed.

I hope that you have may have found something you like on Charley says POP! I’ve got some exciting stuff planned for the blog, so I hope that you come back soon. For those of you who have already been reading along these last months, I hope you keep coming back!

Thank you for visiting!


Charley says VIDEO! Cinérex – Bring Up The Sun

April 4, 2010

It was only after I’d seen and heard the new video for ‘Bring Up The Sun‘ by Cinérex that I found out this is a Belgian project. Well, kind of. Cinérex has been releasing music for quite some time, but it’s only in recent years that it became Kevin Ross’s one man project. This Canadian drummer turned producer moved to Belgium to fulfill his dream of making music after his girlfriend convinced him there was room there in the music scene for what he wanted to do.

The story of ‘Bring Up The Sun‘ seemed a bit confusing at first, but a little digging around the internet quickly shed some light on it. The song first appeared on the 2009 album ‘Edges‘. It features the stunning vocals of American singer Alissa Kueker, who had previously worked with Cinérex and who sings on 6 of the 10 tracks on ‘Edges’.

The album and singles failed to have an impact on the charts, but that might be about to change in 2010. Mostiko, one of my favourite labels in Belgium, seems to have picked up the song and has released the video for the brand new FTW Mix. This slightly trances up the originally lounge sounding track, hopefully prepping it to be an international smash hit.

The song takes you back to the early 00’s when quality breezy summery trance like this wasn’t as rare as it is today. This is the kind of song that Dannii Minogue would love to get her hands on. In fact, if you squint your eyes at the right moments former ‘Topmodel’-finalist Daisy Olie even slightly resembles our Queen Of Clubs in the simple but beautiful video for ‘Bring Up The Sun‘…