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Charley says VIDEO! Youth Olympic Games 2010 – Everyone

August 11, 2010

So apparently there’s such a thing as the Youth Olympic Games and like any self-respecting sports event, you’re going to need a theme song.

Host country Singapore got five singers from five continents together on ‘Everyone‘.

The song itself isn’t anything groundbreaking, but is pleasant enough. Its real merit however is featuring Charley says POP! favourites Jody Williams and Jessica Mauboy on the same track, while introducing us to Tabitha Nauser.

If neither of those names ring a bell, below is, from left to right, a short guide to the five popstars featured on ‘Everyone‘!

Name: Jody Williams
Continent: Africa
YouTube: Kiss Of Life
Who: The youngest South African Idol winner ever. With ‘Just Gonna Be Me’ she released one of the best talent show debut albums ever. Be sure to also check out her pop stomper ‘Wind It‘.

Name: Steve Appleton
Continent: Europe
YouTube: City Won’t Sleep (Moto Blanco Radio Edit)
Who: Cute California surfer looking British singer whose guitar pop sounds perfectly pleasant with a Moto Blanco remix on top of it.

Name: Tabitha Nauser
Continent: Asia
YouTube: Halo (Live)
Who: Singapore Idol 2009 alum who seems like she’s on her way to be proper popstar.

Who: Sean Kingston
Continent: America
YouTube: Fire Burning
Who: Often annoying, very occasionally amazing singer from Jamaica.

Name: Jessica Mauboy
Continent: Oceania
YouTube: Burn
Who: Former Australian Idol contestant and Young Divas singer who had a truckload of brilliant hits from her ‘Been Waiting’ album.