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Charley says LIST! My €0,50 Singles Bargain Bin Spree

April 24, 2010

I’m a sucker for a good bargain bin. The other day I came home with a bunch of singles I got for €0,50 each. My best buy was Milky’s ‘Just The Way You Are‘, a summery little 2002 dance tune from Italy. Other purchases included ‘Acrobats (Looking For Balance)‘ by dance act Moony, ‘Nice & Nasty‘ by Dutch girl group Close II You, ‘We Live‘ by Swedish popstar Bosson, ‘Real Life‘ by Belgian dance singer Pascale Feront, ‘Don’t Waste Your Love On Me‘ by pop/rock singer Dear Liza, Swedish produced ‘Rhythm Of Flames’ by Flemish actor Paul Matthew and the slightly-country-but-not-really ‘Do It Again’ by Wendy Fierce.