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Charley says VIDEO! Susanna Kay – Off The Hook

June 22, 2010

You know you’re onto a winner when even the Jiffy bag the CD comes in is glamorous!

Susanna Kay is The Netherlands’ first Glam Pop star. The outfits, the video, the artwork… They all got that little bit of extra attention. Oh, and the music’s pretty damn good as well!

In fact, ‘Off The Hook‘ is such a great pop song that Spanish singer Edurne got her hands on it and released her own interpretation. However, not only was Susanna first, she’s also got the better version. She’s got the voice ánd she has DEEKAY on production duties. This superstar team of producers have done all sorts of brilliant songs for the likes of Paula Abdul, JLS, Sugababes and Charice.

Be sure to check Charley says POP! later this week to read all about the interview I had with the lovely Susanna Kay, The Netherlands’ next big popstar!

For now, here’s her brilliant debut single ‘Off The Hook‘!

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