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Charley says EVENT! Amandine Bourgeois (Vivacité – April 6th 2012)

April 7, 2012

If Diana Vickers and Amy Winehouse had a secret French love child, it’d probably be Amandine Bourgeois.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to witness Amandine’s mix of blues and soul with French chanson storytelling in person. After a full day of back to back promo, Amandine took to the stage at Walloon radio station Vivacité for a select audience. The hour long showcase had her peform acoustic renditions of her biggest hits and tracks from the brand new album ‘Sans Amour Mon Amour‘. The performance, which was combined with short interview segments, was both a treat for longtime fans and a perfect introduction for Amandine novices. So if you can, be sure to catch it on Monday at Vivacité’s ‘Vu À La Radio‘.

Four years ago Amandine was scouted on MySpace by the producers of Nouvelle Star, the French version of Idol. Since beating Benjamin Siksou to the title in the talent show’s final she’s scored herself a top 5 album in France. The album, ‘20 m²‘, contained ‘L’Homme De La Situation‘, which can be considered her biggest hit so far. The audience at Amandine’s Vivacité showcase were certainly singing along to the chorus word by word when prompted.

Amandine’s gorgeous rendition of Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back To Black’ formed the perfect bridge between her older songs and the material from her sophomore release. The ‘Sans Amour Mon Amour‘ album was partly created in the UK and has that vintage swing feel to show for it. On the night, this was perhaps best evidenced by ‘En Claquant Des Doigts‘, which loosely translates as “while snapping your fingers”. The track is a surefire toetapper which is going to have you join in with the backing choir in no time, even if you don’t speak a word of French. Check out the album’s lead single ‘Sans Amour‘ as well for more where that came from.

Highlight of the night for me, however, easily goes to ‘Le Revoir‘. And rest assured, the intimate ballad sounds just as heartbreakingly beautiful on the album as it did live.

‘Sans Amour Mon Amour’ by Amandine Bourgeois is available on Spotify and iTunes.