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Charley says WEEK! 2010.18

May 9, 2010

Dutch YouTube-sensation Esmée Denters featuring on a duet version of German rock band Stanfour’s ‘Life Without You‘.

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Charley says SONG! Andes ft. James Walsh of Starsailor – Een Dag Meer / One More Day

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Charley says SONG! Robert Ramirez – Sick Of Love []

Charley says SONG! Robert Ramirez – Sick Of Love

May 9, 2010

So I found myself in the Spanish iTunes store, as one does, and I was intrigued by their number one, ‘Sick Of Love‘ by Robert Ramirez.

There seems to be barely any information about it online though. Here’s what I managed to find out.

1) It is quite good.
2) It has pretty cover art.
3) It could do with a radio edit.
4) It’s the theme song to Spanish comedy show ‘El Club Del Chiste‘.

And last, but certainly not least

5) I dare anyone to find a bigger ‘I Gotta Feeling‘ rip-off than this.