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Charley says SONG! Velvet Code – Say You Love Me (Mark Saunders Remix)

August 2, 2010

Is it me or is the soundtrack of this season’s Jersey Shore already better than last time round?

Between the excellent album, the Jersey-fied Enrique Iglesias video, The Situation’s debut single and the first episode which included the gem below, I’m rather excited to hear what else they have in store for the next couple of months.

Though let’s be honest, we’re all just killing time till Snooki unleashes a song of her own.

Get to it, girl!

Charley says INTERVIEW! Kat DeLuna

June 8, 2010

They say never to meet your heroes, but boy am I glad I did get to talk to Kat DeLuna!

This Dominican born, American raised popstar’s 2008 album ‘9 Lives’ marked the start of the pop/R&B craze that has taken over the charts since. ‘Whine Up‘ and ‘Run The Show‘ were huge and songs like the amazing ‘In The End‘ proved that there was more to the album than just the first two singles.

I got a chance to talk to Kat about ‘Push Push’, the first single from her second album ‘Inside Out’. Kat was brilliant to interview. We ended up having more of a conversation rather than a dry Q&A. Read all about meeting producers over social network sites, sampling songs she’s loved since fifth grade and even covering Celine Dion after the jump!