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Charley says ARTIST! Edyta Herbuś

June 4, 2010

Remember the main girl from Nelson’s ‘She’s Gone‘ video, which I posted the other day?

Well, turns out she’s not just Random Dancer #537. Nelson got a proper dance superstar!

Edyta Herbuś is a Polish dancer who competed twice in Taniec Z Gwiazdami, the local version of Dancing With The Stars. She has also done some acting, but it’s her participation in the 2008 Eurovision Dance Contest that’ll be remembered most in the years to come.

Together with her Taniec Z Gwiazdami partner, actor Marcin Mroczek, she did what no Polish act had ever managed to do before. She won Eurovision.

Now I know the ill-fated Eurovision Dance Contest isn’t up there with proper Eurovision or even Junior Eurovision, but still.

She won Eurovision!

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