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Charley says VIDEO! Fatty K – Sophisticated

March 24, 2012

This post takes us back to early 2009 when the Justin Timberlake influenced tune below was released.

When this artist was still a kid named Ken Flamant he wanted to become a drummer, but for lack of a drum he started making up the sounds himself. Fastforward to years later when he would be known as Ken Beatbox, Belgian beatbox champion.

Having made a name for himself on national tv as beatboxer, the next step was to become a recording artist. Now under the name Fatty K he released his debut single “Lonely“. The track got to number 31 and the charts and came with a video that starred “Spring” actress and “Vlaanderen Vakantieland” host Tatyana Beloy.

For his second (and as of yet final) release “Sophisticated” Fatty K scaled back the beatboxing, put himself in a nice suit and brought us this smooth Serge Ramaekers production. Despite a Senol Korkmaz video and, well, the track being quite good indeed, “Sophisticated” only spent one week in the charts at number 49. Shame.

“Sophisticated” by Fatty K is available on Spotify.

Charley says SONG! Glamm – Overheated

April 25, 2010

Glamm are basically what LoveShy would have sounded like doing their own version of Cascada’s ‘Evacuate The Dancefloor‘.

Even their backstories read the same. Glamm started out in 2008 as Miss Behave, a girl group put together at the bootcamp stage of Flemish X Factor. Despite being coached by Dutch popstar Do their live show performances of songs like ‘Sway’ failed to impress and Miss Behave were quickly voted out of the competition.

Two of the original five girls left and Miss Behave tried to make things work as a three piece. Despite booking a couple of performances nothing really came of it and when Charly left things seemed to be all over. However, Anke and Leïla weren’t about to give up just yet and reinvented themselves as a brand new duo. Sound familiar?

Things finally seem to be looking up for Flanders’ newest popstars now producers Serge Ramaekers and Laurent Wery have taken it upon themselves to provide the girls with their first smash hit. Serge is the guy who brought us pop gems like Fatty K’s ‘Sophisticated‘ and Laurent Wery just had a couple of hits of his own.

Serge was also the key to finding out why the rap in ‘Overheated‘ sounds so familiar. It had been bugging me for hours since I first heard it. I even dug out some Leki, Kaye Styles and Raw Jawz songs in hope of stumbling upon it. It wasn’t until I was reading through Serge’s credentials that it dawned on me that the rap was copy/pasted from former ‘Temptation Island’ temptress Amina’s one and only single ‘Hey Boy‘! (A song which, by the way, is infinitely better in its Nils Van Zandt Remix form).

In any case, copy/pasted or not, it works. The production on ‘Overheated‘ is tight and even though the girls’ voices are drowned in autotune their recent acoustic performance shows that they do have the talent to back it all up.

If Anke and Leïla go on like this we should be expecting a whole lot more amazing pop from Glamm in the future.