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Charley says SONG! Lana Lewis – Dirty Love

April 19, 2011

‘My Name Is…’ was a 2010 talent show in Belgium and The Netherlands which can best be described as Stars In Their Eyes done through Britain’s Got Talent’s format of audition / semi-final / final.

Amy Winehouse impersonator Merante took home the crown in the adult category, but the breakout star was Lana Lewis.

The then 14-year-old told how she’d been bullied all her life, up to the point of being beaten with iron chains. She’d found comfort in the music, style and personality of Lady Gaga and decided to finally pursue singing herself. Her rendition of ‘Bad Romance’ was enough to convince the judges and Lana went on to win in the children’s category.

You can check out her English subtitled audition and semi-final performance in the YouTube video below.

A year on, Lana is finally ready to step out of Gaga’s shadow and release her very own first single.

Songwriter Wim Claes and singer Gene Thomas penned her ‘Dirty Love‘. The two previously worked together on Gene’s pop group X-Session and his solo material. Wim is also the man behind Kim ‘Kay’s ‘Lilali‘ and Dean’s Idool 2007 winner’s single ‘So Many Ways‘.

The iTunes release is listed as being the ‘Elektrokid Radio Edit’, so I’m assuming the ‘Eye Of The Tiger‘ DJ was on production duties.

This lead to ‘Dirty Love‘ being set over thumping ‘Bad Romance’ inspired club beats, with a chorus reminiscent of Annemie’s brilliant ‘Animal Instinct‘.

Lana’s robot-ified vocals tell how she “feels like dirty love tonight”. With lines as “You heard me boy, pick up the toy, make me lose my mind” and ‘You touch my mmm…” this 15-year-old’s debut would make even Miley blush.

Charley says VIDEO! Gina – X Man (To The Next Man)

June 2, 2010

Look what I stumbled upon on YouTube!

In the late 90’s and early 00’s Gina Brondeel was one half of X-Session. Together with Gene Thomas she turned the group into one of the most popular in Belgium.

Before she was with the band, early singles like ‘Bang Bang’ were full on eurodance. When Gina joined and X-Session started getting a bigger profile, their sound evolved into something a little more pop. With their second album the scales even tipped towards bubblegum pop with cartoonish videos full of dressing up and wacky storylines.

In 2003, after X-Session had split up, Gina released her first solo single. ‘X Man (To The Next Man)‘ fitted perfectly in the commercial female R&B sound of the time, but didn’t manage to storm the charts.

Apparently there’s a second single, but I for one have never heard ‘If U Want My Love’. I’m not sure if it ever got beyond promos being sent out, but it definitely didn’t chart.

Gina went on to acting, landing among other things a role on Sara, the Flemish adaptation of Ugly Betty.

These days she’s busy with the X-Session comeback. A brand new single from Gene and Gina is on the way.