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Charley says LIST! 4 Songs I Have The Hills To Thank For

March 26, 2010

It may not have come as a surprise that MTV’s semi-scripted reality show ‘The Hills’ got cancelled, but there’s no denying that for years it brought the drama, the gossip, the quotes (“YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID!”) and… the music.

Especially the earlier seasons were like a weekly half an hour ‘what’s hot in music’ overview, so I felt that an appropriate goodbye to this show would be for me to list 4 songs, off the top of my head, that may not have been in my life if it weren’t for ‘The Hills’.

What: Garrison Starr – Beautiful In Los Angeles
When: S01 E10: Lauren has to choose whether she spends the summer with Jason or accepts an internship in Paris. This song is played while we see her driving through the streets of L.A. Is she heading for the airport or Jason’s summer house?
Lyrics: “Are you still beautiful in Los Angeles? It’s been so long, I can’t handle it…”
What I love about it: The sad lyrics over the anthemic instrumental that soars towards the end of the chorus.

What: Feist – Secret Heart
When: S01 E03: Jason calls Lauren to let her know he’s in town. This song is played when the both of them meet up on a sunny boardwalk terrace.
Lyrics: “Secret heart, what are you made of? What are you so afraid of? Could it be three simple words…”
What I love about it: No more than the opening lines of this song were played, but in an instant it managed to perfectly capture the essence of the moment. Feist went on to have hits with the likes of ‘1234‘ and ‘My Moon My Man‘.

What: Garrison Starr – Wonderful Thing
When: S02 E02
Lyrics: “I hate love, really do. Never works out quite the way I want it to…”
What I love about it: I don’t remember exactly what scene this was used in, but I do remember how the frustrated cry of the opening lines immediately caught my attention.

What: Amanda Rogers – The End
When: S02 E06: Lauren and Heidi get into a major fight over Spencer. This song is played as Heidi walks out of the apartment.
Lyrics: “Did you really think you’re right this time? Look what you’ve done to me, we’ll meet the end someday…”
What I love about it: Beautiful piano ballad from which The Hills manages to once again single out just the right words that seem like they were written especially for the scene.