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Charley says VIDEO! The Heights ft. Jamie Walters – How Do You Talk To An Angel

June 5, 2010

 I love stumbling upon things like this.

Yesterday I was going through a bargain bin and found the soundtrack to ‘The Heights’.

Having never heard of it I did a little investigating when I got home. Turns out the show was a short-lived 1992 musical drama series by ‘Beverley Hills, 90210’ mastermind Aaron Spelling. ‘The Heights’ told the story of the fictional band of the same name.

Theme song ‘How Do You Talk To An Angel‘, performed by The Heights with actor Jamie Walters on vocals, topped the Billboard Hot 100. However, despite this chart success, the ratings disappointed and Fox cancelled the show when the song fell from number one.

Jamie went on to star in ‘Beverley Hills, 90210’ as Ray Pruit and had a music career of his own. He has released three solo albums since, with the single ‘Hold On‘ being his biggest hit. Apart from appearing on VH1’s ‘Confessions Of A Teen Idol’ in 2009, Jamie is now a family man working as a firefighter.