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Charley says SONG! Ashley Roberts – Theme From A Summer Place

March 27, 2011

I was reading about Jessica Sutta’s latest dance track, got clicking on YouTube and before I knew it I was having a full-on solo PCD kind of morning.

It made me stumble upon upon the above Ashley Roberts song.

“The one that looks like Carrie Underwood” is yet to get her solo career properly started, but last year she treated her fans to a one-off buzz single.

‘Theme From A Summer Place’ was originally composed for the 1959 movie of the same name. The Percy Faith version topped the charts and was covered by many artists, including The Lettermen who released a vocal version.

Ashley’s rendition starts off all orchestral, but quickly drops in a beat to swizz up the song. And yet those vocals┬ásinging that gorgeously old fashioned melody give it that lounge-ish vibe that makes it perfect for this Sunday morning.

Think Pogo’s ‘Alice‘ with actual lyrics and added beats.