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Charley says VIDEO! Tess – Stupid

June 3, 2010

Now I know Junior Eurovision isn’t considered very cool. Hell, it even gets snubbed by your average Eurovision fan. However, I have no problem with saying that I love it.

I mean, yes, every year there’s a couple of duds between the entries, but that’s not any different in regular Eurovision, is it? As long as it keeps producing gems like The Netherlands’ 2005 entry above, I will keep watching.

Stupid‘ by Tess is a fun pop/rock tune telling of the stupid things you do when in love. I prefer the Dutch original, but I thought it’d be wise to post the English version if I wanted at least one or two people to check it out.

Tess went on to release an album and sang on the Dutch soundtrack of ‘High School Musical’. Currently she’s working on more grown up sounding jazzy blues music, which you can check out on both her own MySpace and that of Tess & The Chiefs.

Charley says EUROVISON! The Year Flanders Saved Itself

May 30, 2010

Well, we did it!

Tom Dice came sixth in the final of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest.

He may have lost out to Lena’s ‘Satellite‘ and he may have slipped down a couple of places after being in the top three throughout most of the voting, but Tom proved that Belgium can be a contender for Eurovision victory.

More specifically, Tom proved that a Flemish entry can do well.

Credit where it’s due, even though their output since ‘Sanomi‘ has been disappointing, it’s our friends from Wallonia who have given us Urban Trad, Melanie Cohl and even a win with Sandra Kim.

Next year may not be our turn to select an entry, but I’m already curious to see who will follow up Tom for Flanders in 2012.

Maybe Ellektra? Her ‘Do You Really Wanna Be With Me‘ would have made for a great entry, wouldn’t it? Maybe someone like Nelson, who competed in Eurosong 2008, but has since settled for a great pop/dance sound? Maybe an artist we don’t even know yet, like someone who might come out of Idool 2010 later this year?

I for one can’t wait to see what’s next.

Oh and you may have noticed that the song above is not ‘Me And My Guitar‘, but let’s not forget that just a couple of months ago Laura sang Belgium to a fourth place at Junior Eurovision! If you’re not familiar with ‘Zo Verliefd (Yodelo)‘ yet, you can hear her bubblegum pop yodel anthem above.

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Charley says VIDEO! X!nk – Denk Aan Mij

March 20, 2010

Today I picked up the album ‘Vergif‘ by X!nk, who shot to fame in 2003 when they represented Belgium at the very first Junior Eurovision Song Contest with ‘De Vriendschapsband‘. Seven years later it’s still one of our best scoring JESC entries, second only to Laura’s amazing 2009 bubblegum pop yodeling anthem ‘Zo Verliefd (Yodelo)‘.

By the time their sophomore album came around in 2005 the boys had grown into teenagers, with lead singer Jonas becoming the most inappropriately fanciable popstar since Calvin Goldspink. The second time round their album still had a lot of garage rehearsal rock on it, with singles ‘Hou Ons Niet Tegen’ en ‘De Andere Kant’ being slightly more polished.

However, the true highlight on ‘Vergif’, and as far as I’m concerned of X!nk’s entire output, is ‘Denk Aan Mij‘. It takes me straight back to the summer of 2005 when the video was on the music channels all the time. Pretty impressive for what was essentially a music act aimed at kids and singing in Dutch. Maybe it’s nostalgia to being a teenager myself, but don’t you wish your summers still looked like they do in the ‘Denk Aan Mij’ video?

Charley says LIST! Two Songs I Enjoy Way More Than I Ought To

March 14, 2010

What: Laura – Cowboymeisje
About: Laura singlehandedly saved the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Flanders coming in fourth in 2009 with her yodeling and bubblegum pop anthem ‘Zo Verliefd‘.
Why I enjoy this way more than I ought to: Because it has yodeling over a countrified europop beat. Because she sings things like “Will you be the sheriff of my heart?”. Because of the way she pronounces the word ‘speciaal’. Because it’s the best country gimmick in pop since Rednex. Did I mention it has yodeling over a countrified europop beat?

What: Marlous – Je Zeurt Teveel (via NLpop)
About: Marlous may not have won the Dutch 2010 Nationaal Songfestival, but she certainly made a name for herself clashing with coach Corry Konings.
Why I enjoy this way more than I ought to: Because I love trashy singers who badly want to make it. Because of the DIY video. Because of the manic eyebrow movements. Because despite the schlager cheesiness of the song, which was originally by Mouth of Mouth & MacNeal fame, it’s a singalong anthem. Because of the line “Take care, now fuck off” right before the last chorus.

*bows head in shame, but not really*

Charley says LIST! Now That’s What I Call 2009!

February 22, 2010

A couple of months ago I compiled my very first end of year list ever. What I did was take my 50 most played songs that were released in 2009, pick out my favourites and rearrange them for the perfect flow. I tried to not go for the usual suspects, so that I’d end up with a list that’s very… me.

You may have seen this list before, but I thought it would make for a perfect first post that indicates what you can expect here in the future.


YouTube Playlist and an overview of all the songs after the jump!