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Charley says TV! Farewell To The Kids Top 20

March 24, 2010

The Kids Top 20 has been quietly cancelled from Flemish tv. The weekly chart show was based on online votes by the kids and was shot in schools around the country. I can’t say I used to watch it regularly, due to not exactly being the target audience and all, but the Kids Top 20 will be missed for at least the following three reasons.

1. For some artists it was sadly the only way to promote their music on tv.

2. It gave former Big Brother winner and Kids Top 20 host Ellen an excuse to release uncomplicated little pop tunes such as ‘Lucky Lucky (Scooterboy)‘ and ‘Bang Bang Bang‘.

3. It gave us performances like this one from a summer special where a bunch of 10-year-olds jump around to a chorus of “My body was in need, I thought that we agreed, just a one night stand”.