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Charley says WEEK! 2010.18

May 9, 2010

Dutch YouTube-sensation Esmée Denters featuring on a duet version of German rock band Stanfour’s ‘Life Without You‘.

Charley says SONG! Tom Helsen presents Barbara Dex – I Am []

Charley says SONG! Nikki – Can’t Stop Thinking About You []

Charley says SONG! Betty – Déjà Vu []

Charley says SONG! Bliss – Buttons (Live) []

Charley says SONG! Andes ft. James Walsh of Starsailor – Een Dag Meer / One More Day

Charley says SONG! Whatever – Scream []

Charley says SONG! Robert Ramirez – Sick Of Love []

Charley says SONG! Whatever – Scream

May 8, 2010

Looks like it’s going to be a Guitar Saturday today!

Whatever picks things up exactly where Aly & AJ 78violet left it. ‘Scream‘ is equal parts catchy female pop/rock vocals and roaring guitars.

The song is the first single from Eva Treurniet and Nathalie Bulters. The girls made it to the semi-final of last year’s X Factor in The Netherlands, where their crazy teenage personalities won the hearts of the Dutch viewers.

Oh and disregard the extra song tacked on the end of the YouTube video above. For some reason this year’s X Factor finalists’ song ‘You’re The Voice‘ is on there as well.

Edit: The original video I posted seems to have been removed. I’ve replaced it with the best quality I could find on YouTube, unfortunately that’s not saying much.

Edit: The official video is now up!