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Charley says SONG! Winsome – Chilly Cool

October 20, 2010

Well here’s something I never knew existed!

It seems like even the internet barely knows about it, as except for a single eBay listing there is no mention of this little gem anywhere!

I blindly picked this up the other day for just €0,20, because I recognised one of the girls in this pop trio to be Anke Frédérick!

Dancer Anke is probably best known as the ex-girlfriend of actor and tv host Peter van Asbroeck. These days she’s married to Pascal Durant, who as the winner of The Bachelorette-style dating show Wie Wordt De Man Van Phaedra?, has a media history of his own.

Before all this Anke was part of Spirit, a Flemish wannabe Steps in which Dimitri Vantomme and the amazing Roxane also had a spot. In fact, and at the risk of getting completely sidetracked, both Anke and Roxane had a cameo in the ‘Girls & Boys‘ video by Dimitri’s dance alter ego D-Me.

Anke Frédérick

And, as we now know, even before Spirit there was Winsome. Besides Anke there was Chung Hee and a young blonde by the name of Kim.

Now when I saw Kim’s picture on the back cover I thought I recognised a familiar face. A moment later it hit me, this is Kim Poelmans!

As bandana wearing brunette Tina Bride she had a string of small hits in the early 00’s. ‘Perfect Love‘, for example, got her into the top 20.

Things started to slow down for the singer halfway through the decade, but she made the headlines one more time coming out and getting married to her girlfriend.

Anyway, I know this seems like an awful lot of rambling and obscure Belgian pop connections, but then again, isn’t that what this blog is about?