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Charley says ARTIST! Jo Hens

June 30, 2010

Jo Hens is the new VJ on Belgian TMF.

Most of the articles on this subject do mention how he’s an actor on soap opera ‘Familie’. He plays Niko, a member of fictional band The Project. (Not to be confused with the TMF talent show of the same name)

Some of the stuff that’s written also say how he’s into music and playing in some bands, but what none of them seem to remember is how only last year he had a solo single out. ‘Anne‘ was a pleasant breasy summer tune and the theme to new digital tv channel Anne. The song was an adaptation of Dutch ‘So You Wannabe A Popstar’ heartthrob Tim Douwsma’s ‘Ga‘.

Oh, and rewatching the video just now, I’m pretty sure the love interest in it is model and former LibertyTV host An Jaspers!

Charley says LIST! Now That’s What I Call 2009!

February 22, 2010

A couple of months ago I compiled my very first end of year list ever. What I did was take my 50 most played songs that were released in 2009, pick out my favourites and rearrange them for the perfect flow. I tried to not go for the usual suspects, so that I’d end up with a list that’s very… me.

You may have seen this list before, but I thought it would make for a perfect first post that indicates what you can expect here in the future.


YouTube Playlist and an overview of all the songs after the jump!