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Charley says SONG! Eva Pauwels – Do Ya Think I’m Sexy

August 27, 2010

Oh, Eva Pauwels, you never cease to surprise…

A quick recap… Years ago Eva Pauwels was the young girl who married actor and comedian Jacques Vermeire. After their divorce she managed to remain a tabloid favourite.

Some highlights: doing Playboy, becoming a lesbian, shaving her hair off, being on the ‘The Simple Life 2: Road Trip’ inspired reality show ‘Ciao Bella’ (Hello, people in charge of iWatch, I would pay good money to watch that on demand!), getting married to a woman, divorcing said woman, check into a psychiatric clinic, escaping said psychiatric clinic, not being lesbian anymore (or at least being bisexual), getting married to a man…

Now, her latest headline is reminding people that back in 2002 she dated Flemish A-list actor Kevin Janssens. It would appear that at the time they even did some interviews together, but no one remembered because Kevin wasn’t famous yet back then.

Having had a number of high profile acting gigs, coming second in ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and being in the upcoming romantic comedy ‘Zot Van A’ (a remake of the wonderful Dutch movie ‘Alles Is Liefde’), Kevin Janssens is quite the catch to boast about these days.

In honour of Eva bedding one of Flanders’ most wanted men, here’s her first and only single ‘Do Ya Think I’m Sexy‘.

Yes, that fitted in that list there somewhere as well.

Charley says ARTIST! Louis Talpe

May 29, 2010

Nicole Scherzinger may reign supreme on the American dancefloor, but here in Flanders it’s actor Louis Talpe who got to take the Dancing With The Stars trophy home.

We first met Louis in 2006 as police officer Toby on tv series Mega Mindy. The show is a bit like a reverse gender Superman. Police officer Mieke turns into superhero Mega Mindy and Toby doesn’t realise that the hero he’s falling for is actually his colleague in disguise. The series proved to be a big hit with the kids and soon there were movies, stage shows, merchandise and albums sung by lead actress Free Souffriau.

With Louis’ star on the rise, he managed to secure a role in restaurant drama ‘Goesting’ and a place as one of the finalists on Dancing With The Stars 2010.

Now what I wanted to tell you about today is that a year before his freestyle would win him the dancing show, Louis had already competed in another celebrity reality show. With Free Souffriau being Soapstar Superstar’s 2008 winner and officer Toby having already featured on one Mega Mindy song, Louis was asked to show off his singing skills.

Louis turned out not to be the greatest singer, but he managed to stay in the competition for three weeks. We got to hear him sing ‘Jessie‘, ‘Save Tonight‘, ‘New York, New York‘, ‘Everybody Needs Somebody To Love‘ and  ‘She Moves In Her Own Way‘, but it’s his performance of Liquido’s ‘Narcotic‘ that I’m going to put up in celebration of his Dancing With The Stars victory!