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Charley says SONG! Tabitha Cycon – You And I

March 22, 2010

Tabitha Cycon hasn’t had much luck in her music career. She managed to become a finalist on Idool 2003, but got voted off in the second week. BMG considered signing her, but didn’t. I’m not exactly sure what this DIY R&B video is about, but it definitely didn’t do very much. She participated in Eurosong 2008, but had that nightmare where you forget to change out of your pyjamas come true. And then finally, when she gets the chance to release ‘You And I’ someone apparently thought it’d be a good idea not to tell anyone about it. There was no video, no promo, nothing. You know it’s a sad state of affairs when even your own official wesbite doesn’t acknowledge the existence of your new single. The song’s not even on YouTube, so all I can offer you is this sample from an online download shop and my word that ‘You And I’ is quite a nice little groovy pop tune that deserved to be at least a minor hit. Oh well…