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Charley says SONG! Tina Bride – Perfect Love

April 5, 2011

So last week a friend of mine was preparing a photoshoot and found himself in need of a chihuahua.

Eventually a lady by the name of Kim Poelmans gladly agreed to have her dog model for the day. Little did my friend know that in the early 00’s Kim was better known by her stage name Tina Bride!

Ever since we heard about Tina’s newfound dog manager status, my friends and I have had her 2001 hit ‘Perfect Love‘ lodged firmly into our heads.

In the days when every country was launching its own Britney, Tina Bride was one of the Belgian efforts with aforementioned song as her most successful single. The bandana wearing singer ended up releasing one album, ‘The Bride Side Of Life’.

These days Tina’s back to being Kim. She’s happily married to her wife Barbara and last we heard she’s now a dance teacher with her own photo studio.

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