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Charley says ARTIST! Lords Of Acid

September 17, 2010

A month ago I was watching the ‘Sucker Punch‘ trailer and noticed a familiar song being used.

Vanessa Hudgens and Emily Browning were kicking ass to the 1994 Lords Of Acid single ‘The Crablouse‘!

I never got round to mentioning this on Charley says POP!, but I was just watching ‘De Vrijdagshow’, an entertainment news program, and apparently this is still considered ‘news’, so here I am posting about it anyway.

Lords Of Acid is a music project by Maurice Engelen. Maurice is also the man behind Praga Khan and late 90’s / early 00’s record label Antler Subway. Most recently he was an X Factor judge, co-founded the new label Sonic Angel and mentored Eurovision 2010 revelation Tom Dice.

In 1988 Lords Of Acid had their first hit with ‘I Sit On Acid‘, which would be ripped off years later on The Chemical Brother’s ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl‘. They went on to release four studio albums and were touring the States as recently as this year.

What with being born the year they broke through, I only got to known about this band around the time former ‘Wheel Of Fortune’-girl Deborah Ostrega was their lead singer.

In 2003 they released ‘Private Parts‘, an album which served as a collection of new songs and their greatest hits rerecorded with Deborah’s vocals.

It also includes the controversial video to ‘Gimme Gimme‘, which made a lasting impression to say the least!

Charley says VIDEO! Tess – Stupid

June 3, 2010

Now I know Junior Eurovision isn’t considered very cool. Hell, it even gets snubbed by your average Eurovision fan. However, I have no problem with saying that I love it.

I mean, yes, every year there’s a couple of duds between the entries, but that’s not any different in regular Eurovision, is it? As long as it keeps producing gems like The Netherlands’ 2005 entry above, I will keep watching.

Stupid‘ by Tess is a fun pop/rock tune telling of the stupid things you do when in love. I prefer the Dutch original, but I thought it’d be wise to post the English version if I wanted at least one or two people to check it out.

Tess went on to release an album and sang on the Dutch soundtrack of ‘High School Musical’. Currently she’s working on more grown up sounding jazzy blues music, which you can check out on both her own MySpace and that of Tess & The Chiefs.