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Charley says ALBUM! Vlaanderen Muziekland

August 16, 2010

Today I treated myself to the Vlaanderen Muziekland compilation…

1. Milk Inc. – Chasing The Wind
2. Belle Perez – La Colegiala
3. K3 – Handjes Draaien
4. Christoff – Lekkere Chocolade
5. The Sunsets – Hollandse Hitmedley
6. Dana Winner – De Vlinders Achterna
7. Jo Vally – Kus Me
8. Nelson – She’s Gone
9. Regi & Stan Van Samang – Hang On
10. Sylver – Turn The Tide 2010
11. Lasgo – Tonight
12. Annagrace – Celebration

13. Mega Mindy – Megamobiel
14. Roel Vanderstukken – Neem Ze Mee
15. Yevgueni & Stef Kamil Carlens – We Zijn Hier Nu Toch
16. Andes ft. James Walsh – Één Dag Meer/One More Day
17. Born Crain – Calling All Cars
18. The Ditch – When Blood Runs Cold
19. Paul Michiels (It’s A Gas) – I Am Home
20. Dean – Someday
21. Tom Helsen presents Barbara Dex – I Am
22. Tom Dice – Me And My Guitar
23. The Baseballs – Umbrella (Bonus Track)

Based around the music show of the same name, it is basically the who’s who of the Flemish pop summer 2010.

There’s some Flemish schlager songs at the start of the tracklist which I don’t really feel strongly about, either positive or negative, but other than that this is a top notch compilation that brings together so many great Belgian tracks out there this summer.

About half of these songs have been featured on Charley says POP! earlier, so rest assured that this has my seal of approval!

If you’re thinking of making yourself a playlist, but find 23 tracks a little overwhelming, then you’re in luck. I’ve put the songs in bold that have that little bit of extra Charley says POP! credit!

(Which isn’t to say that I don’t approve of the other tracks, but there’s no point in putting them all in bold, is there?)

Vlaanderen Muziekland airs every friday on Flemish channel één.

Catch up on all performances so far by clicking here!