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Charley says SONG! Michel Sardou – Les Lacs Du Connemara

July 21, 2010

Every year on the 21st of July 10.000 people gather on the market square in Bruges to celebrate Belgium’s National Day.

The event is called Vlaanderen Zingt (Flanders Sings), because the mass of people gets together for a giant singalong. Little newspapers with the lyrics are handed out, so every song gets screamed along to. Then again, who can’t at least go “la la la” to the likes of ‘Hey Jude’ and ‘Thank You For The Music’?

One of the highlights each year is Michel Sardou’s ‘Les Lacs Du Connemara’. The French song is a standard at Belgian weddings. Everyone gets up (on their feet, their chairs or the tables if need be) and manically waves their napkin over their head to the triumphant chorus of this song.

For Vlaanderen Zingt this means a choir of 1000’s yelling at the top of their voice “Lààààààààààààà-baaaaaaaaaaaaas… au Connemara…” while waving their little newspapers as if their lives depended on it.

It’s incredibly amazing.